Buy dogs Cane corso and puppies for sale in California
United States

Where can I buy my new Cane corso puppy?





In cane corso barcelona We have your new puppy sent to California with our professional shipping company, direct flight from Barcelona to Los angeles California Usa, also direct flights Las Vegas California Usa, San Francisco – Barcelona is easy and simple, we usually send. We have the best italian mastiff in the world.



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We do all with the shipping , certificacion healthy , vacines , microchip, the internacional passport and the full breeding.

Do you want a quality puppy? Contact us for 20 years working with the cane corso.

Working the character of our bloodline.

The quality of our puppies is top, but which, what is the difference of something excellent to something of low quality, usually the price in the cane corso pup good is worth more.

The price marks the quality, if it is high it is usually because it is of quality.

We have been doing our dream well with the cane corso for many years.

Our customers guarantee us.





The client is the smartest, and he knows what he wants, and he wants the good.

We do a job of professional sociability, with the right phases, pampering everything we do.



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When you buy in California a poor and low quality corso cane begins the real ordeal, for the new owner, a dog of great complexion, without control, not well sociability, of parents you will know how they are, if they have aggressive or not .

We give a top feed, it is very important for the development of a dog over 50 kg.

Give poor quality food to a puppy of very large weight and height and has a bestial growth of a corso cane pup is … .. something that the puppy will always have inside, many problems of vitamin contributions in growth,

So that you understand it is the same the feeding of an elite athlete to a child of Ethiopia with deficiencies?

It is not the same, in dogs of big breeds it is the same.

Lack of nutrients cause arthritis, bone problems, muscle sinalimetacion, no food is not born.

The difference is food and work, that is the answer for your puppy feeding the best needs, social work, love work, a super important genetic component in verified parents

We work with the best line of the corso cane of the world the line of X-Man.