Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island.

//Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island.

Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island.

If today you are interested in the best Breed in the world. And you’re ready to buy a Cane Corso Italiano puppy in Newport, Rhode Island.
We have wonderful facilities of 20,000 m² from our Italian Cane Corso kennel in Barcelona.
We have been breeders for 15 years and we have the best cane corsos in the world.
At the moment we have male puppies we also have female puppies for sale in Newport, Rhode Island . Also at the moment we have black puppies for sale, you can also buy Gray and blue puppies.
At the moment we have happy and super satisfied customers in all parts of the world, of course also in Belleville New Jersey, Belleville Illinois, Bellevue Kentucky, Bellevue Nebraska, Bellevue Ohio, Bellevue Pennsylvania, Bellevue Wisconsin, Bellevue Washington, Bellevue Town Wisconsin, Bellflower California, Bellingham Massachusetts, Bellingham Washington, Bellmawr New Jersey, Bellmead Texas, Bellmore New York, Bellview Florida, Bellwood Illinois, Belmar New Jersey, Belmont Massachusetts, Belmont Massachusetts, Belmont New Hampshire, Belmont North Carolina, Belmont California, Beloit Wisconsin, Beloit Wisconsin, Belpre Ohio, Belton Missouri, Belton Texas, Beltsville Maryland, Belvedere Park Georgia, Belvidere Illinois, Bemidji Minnesota, Benbrook Texas, Bend Oregon, and Benicia California, Bennettsville South Carolina, in Bennington Vermont, Bennington Vermont, Bennsville Maryland, Bensenville Illinois, Benton Illinois, Benton Arkansas, Benton Harbor Michigan, Bentonville Arkansas, Berea Kentucky, Berea Ohio,
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Beverly Hills Florida, Beverly Hills California, Bexley Ohio,  and in Biddeford Maine. I Juan Manuel Morato am the owner of the X-Man world champion and living legend of the breed in the cane corso. We work with our world champion X Man. X-Man gives us a superior quality of Puppies, an incredible health of our Cane Corso contrasted for many years.
The Italian Corsican is a large dog, it is a powerful dog with strong muscles,
It is a breed with a low average energy both inside and outside the house, It is a dog that I can only say positive things because it can also stand guard inside the house as well as outside the house.
The Cane Corso is an impressive dog with a strong and well-marked musculature.
It is a powerful but balanced dog, it is a sofa dog and it can be a lion too, it is a dog that covers many possibilities.
The cane corso is a dog that in the past was a dog of Italian origin descended from the Roman dog that was used in the Colosseum, and the Romans also used it for Roman wars and were in the front line of battle.
They are widely used for big game hunting, especially for bear hunting.
Little by little the Cane Corso was on the verge of extinction until in the year 70 a small number of lovers of the breed managed to recover the breed.
Today we have to have only positive words to this group of people who managed to recover Cane Corso and today we can enjoy it each of the owners call from Cane Corso in our houses.
It was a difficult time for Cane Corso, in Puglia Italy,


Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island

Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island


The first specimens were seen, of a breed that in the stories of the time of the 70s is said to be different from the other breeds that existed. It was called the dog of the Puglia, At first, later it would already be given the name of Corso which means guardian protector in Latin, so we would already have the name of Cane Corso Italiano which would be later.
There were many people involved like the Malavasi brothers, Owners of a German Shepherd Kennel.
Recovery, there were many people involved, there were many very important people in all this work, one of the most important people were the Malabasi brothers, and their family.
They had a small German shepherd kennel and used all their means at that time to do a breeding program for the Cane Corso.
The Malabasi They gave themselves a part of their German shepherd kennel so that all the people they picked up, an Italian Cane Corso would give them there to be able to do a serious program of recovery of the breed. It was not only one person who recovered Cane Corso as a Race, there were many people who did their bit and surely we will leave many on the way.
There were many people involved, I do not want to leave any trace on one arm, just some like Morsiani, Indiveri ect.
We were saying, what facilities were used
To promote the breeding of the Italian Mastiff and from there the Cane Corso began to recover, until they began to see exhibitions in Italy in the Bari and Lecce area, the first breed standard was made.
An important breed was beginning to see a strong breed, which began to see the light in the early 70s in Italy.
At that time the Cane Corso and was a dog of the old Masias
Italian and was a dog for herding, a protection dog for the houses and a very protection dog for the farmhouse material.
Both in heavy machinery and tools in the field.
Today we have a strong breed, a well-defined breed and the Cane Corso its role is the great guardian of the family, it has gone on to protect the most precious of Italian farmhouses and the protection of heavy machinery, to the protection of the family of the mother’s father and the children that would be the function of the Cane Corso.
One of the most important characteristics of the Cane Corso is intelligence, it has Corso it has laser beams it looks at you and it knows, it is a breed that incredibly looks at your eyes to know what you are thinking, it is a very easy breed to work because it always wants the acceptance and affection of its owner is easy to always work positively with it.
A super intelligent breed with incredible self-control that together with brutal power make the Cane Corso the new Ferrari of the dogs.A protective dog, a security guard.
A breed that is making an important place in the guard races, and for me it would have the first position in the guard of the family and children.
Today in 2020 there are many families that acquire two Cane Corso and the Cane Corso sleeps with the family inside the house. Where it is more highly effective for the protection of the family, for any entry of any stranger it is more effective I repeat the Cane Corso inside the house, there are many people who already have it so there are other people for example who have it in the parking lot inside the house, in the parking area and when an alarm or sensor is triggered in the garden, the Parquin doors open and the Cane Corso come out to protect and discourage any entrance from outside.
Only positive points for the Cane Corso,
I do not find any negative points to give the Cane Corso, they are all positive points an intelligent race a wonderful race with the children, a race that has a defined function of guard, a race that can play sports, a race that can be both inside like away from home, a race that you have control of it with the simple voice.
It is incredible to see how the energy rises and falls is the energy of the cane corso.
The Cane Corso is capable Low from 100 to zero with the voice of its owner I have seen very few races that can do this, only a Ferrari like the Cane Corso is capable of doing this feat, which is not available to almost any race of dogs and less of a breed as strong and powerful as cane corso. What are you waiting for to buy a copy of Cane Corso and send it directly to your home.
We have our own professional shipping company which will take care of all the details so that our wonderful Puppy arrives with your family in Newport, Rhode Island , and you enjoy a wonderful experience with which for me is the best Breed in the world the Italian Cane Corso.
My name is Juan Manuel Morato and I hope you will contact me soon.

Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island1

Buy cane corso puppies and italian mastiff in Newport, Rhode Island




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