In today’s article you can learn more about two fascinating dog breeds that are characterized by their guard work, the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso. Both are in the world to carry out their guard work which they carry out by nature and of course to accompany us.

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Now, let’s get into the subject, I will explain the comparison between two fantastic guard breeds: Cane Corso, also known as Italian Mastiff and German Shepherd.
German Shepherd vs Cane Corso

The German Shepherd is an older and more educated breed, the Cane Corso on the other hand is a breed that is not as developed, is younger and therefore needs more time to be similar in quality. In my opinion, the German Shepherd is a breed that is well worked.

One of the differences between these two spectacular specimens is the height, although both are of great size the Cane Corso surpasses the German Shepherd by a few centimeters.

Another big difference is when they are puppies, for example the German Shepherd is a little more nervous, on the other hand the Cane Corso is much calmer.

Although both are very good guardians and protectors of the family and home they also have some differences in this aspect. In the case of the German Shepherd we can identify that he always barks when something minimal happens, he can even do it at unexpected hours such as in the early morning, you wake up and nothing has happened. On the other hand, when Cane Corso barks, it is because something is really happening, maybe he saw an animal or a strange person, for example.

This point is important because I have seen that many people after seeing their German Shepherd barking so many times, at the fifth time they don’t pay much attention to the dog’s bark anymore, and it is totally understandable because they already paid attention to it in previous occasions and there was nothing to worry about.

Here lies then one of the great advantages of Cane Corso in the guard and for this and many more reasons is that it will continue to be my favorite breed in the world, of course I also recognize how fantastic and wonderful a German Shepherd can be.

Characteristics of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiffi is a brave breed, with a very measured temperament, agile, resistant, muscular, self-confident, is very affectionate and faithful to his family.

It is a too intelligent dog, he learns everything very fast so it is very easy to train. As he is a great guardian he is not very sociable with strangers, he takes his time to figure out if they are family friends or not.

From its physical characteristics it stands out its height that can reach up to 64 cm and 68 cm and can weigh around 45 to 50 kilos. The Cane Corso can have colors like black, variables of gray, variables of fawn or brindle.

The hair of the Italian Mastiff is short and tight, therefore it is enough to brush it once a week. Its ears are triangular, wide at the beginning and hanging at the end.

Characteristics of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an agile, powerful, intelligent, resistant breed, always alert and very affectionate with his family. He is an easy to train and extremely faithful dog. He is very cautious with strangers but if he sees that they are friends of his master he socializes easily.

Physically he is a dog that can measure between 60 to 65 cm high and has an average weight of 40 kilos. The German Shepherd can come in different colors such as black or white, black and red, black and cream or, fawn.

The coat can vary between short and thick or long and soft, although the most popular in Europe are those with short hair. In countries like the United States, the long haired breed has been awarded in different exhibitions.

In conclusion, these two breeds are spectacular, each with its own characteristics that make them unique but you already know that in my heart there is a very special place for Cane Corso.

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