In the Cane Corso Barcelona blog, we will talk about a subject that many people take into account when it comes to getting a dog. Undoubtedly, and from what has been demonstrated in recent years by experts in the field, a dog becomes our best friend for a long time. If you want to know more, scroll down!

He is our protector at all times

We make it our responsibility to take care of our furry friends every day and that’s why we receive their unconditional love every day, thanks to that they will always be alert for anything they think might be a danger to you, protecting you and your family is one of the greatest benefits they can give you and your dog will always watch over you.

You maintain an active lifestyle

Thanks to the lifestyle that many of us lead, it can become very routine and as a result we tend to get overwhelmed more easily. Having a doggy makes you want to go out, go for a walk or play with him and this allows your mind to get rid of some of the stress generated from everyday life thanks to the serotonin release that the brain produces when you are happy, and in turn, it will maintain the vitality of both of you, which gives you a lot of physical well-being. It’s hard to get bored with a dog!

Emotional and sleep quality

Owning a dog not only makes you feel good physically, but also emotionally. According to studies carried out at Western Carolina University, people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and other emotional deficiencies, the company of a dog can significantly improve their mood, since feeling that they are in charge of taking care of something other than themselves, creates changes in the brain waves that alleviate these difficulties, making you feel useful by receiving love without anything in return, improving self-esteem and helping you to see from a different perspective how they assimilate and enjoy their day to day life.

With this, it should be noted that thanks to these difficulties, it is very difficult to fall asleep, which can lead to chronic insomnia that not even the best anxiolytics can solve 100%, which can be harmful to your health in the long term. Having a dog is not the magic solution to these problems, but it does potentially contribute to the improvement of these problems and to a more than acceptable emotional stability.

It teaches you the meaning of responsibility

Having a dog means having to take care of all its needs on a daily basis, such as feeding it, walking it, cleaning it, brushing it, taking it to the vet, etc. If you want your children to learn in a didactic and dynamic way the true meaning of responsibility, from a very early age and in the company of a canine, giving them some responsibilities that may be easy for them will generate the habit of taking care of something very important and will also teach them that it is not just another of their toys. There is no doubt that it generates real bonds with people, and even teenagers can help to cope better with those emotional changes that, for example, puberty or any other situation that can embitter them.

Strengthens immunity

Dogs are always exposed to bacteria, micro-organisms and germs, especially when walking, so having a puppy at home can boost your immune system and its own considerably, as it creates antibodies to these external agents.

Encourages social relationships

Meeting new people who also have dogs while walking yours can be very interesting and fun, learning about other people’s stories with their dogs can be very satisfying, and you may even make new friends!

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