Many families are not aware of the benefits for children of having a Cane Corso or other breed of dog at home. Many studies have already shown and verified the benefits that having a pet at home can have for children.

Having a dog at home is like having another member of the family, it carries an added responsibility but the benefits for children are incredible.

What are the benefits for children of having a dog at home?

We are going to explain some of the most important benefits for your children of having a dog in your home:

  • Increases children’s self-esteem: It is known that dogs are very loyal to their masters, for this reason a dog will make your child feel loved and important, helping them to have a high self-esteem!
  • Knowledge of values: Dogs can teach your children values such as unconditional love, responsibility, loyalty, empathy, etc… These are values that children learn thanks to their furry friends. These values are learned through play and the constant company of the dog.
  • Children with less stress: Children who have a dog at home tend to have much less stress in their daily lives. The play and company of the dog brings a serenity and self-esteem that will make your children have a much lower level of stress and anxiety than usual.
  • Children with less risk of asthma and allergies: It has been proven that children who live with dogs from a very young age have a lower risk of suffering from asthma and allergies. Children who have a dog as a baby are exposed to dog hair from birth and this is the reason why the body develops an extra immunity that will make them have fewer allergies and asthma than other children who do not live with pets.
  • Dogs alleviate children’s anxiety due to separation from parents: Children, when they are separated from their parents, suffer a lot of anxiety, due to what the whole process entails. Having a dog at home in this situation will help the child not to have so much anxiety as they will be able to have a loyal playmate and receive lots of love.
  • Improve relationships with other children and adults: A dog at home will help your children learn and be able to have good relationships with other children and people, as they will have learned to form emotional bonds.
    Learning to be responsible: Having a dog is a good way to teach children to be responsible for the tasks involved. They have to be responsible for feeding and watering them every day, this will make them start to have a daily responsibility and obligation.
  • Companionship for children without siblings: What to say…. for families with only one child, having a dog will give your child a playmate and a loyal friend, creating a strong bond and giving the child excellent self-esteem.

Benefits for children of having a dog in the home

Dogs and in particular the Cane Corso breed are excellent pets for children, they are very patient dogs, with a lot of endurance when playing with children and they have a very protective character towards them, you can be sure that your child will be safe when they are with them.

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