Today I am going to talk to you about the socialisation of giant breed dogs. A fundamental process for your pet to have a social life without any problems.

The socialisation process is very important in all breeds of dogs and even more so in a breed of dog that is going to be very large and reach a considerable weight.

Having a problem with a Chihuahua dog is not the same as having a problem with a large dog such as a Saint Bernard, things change.

The socialisation of large dogs consists of a process where the puppies are presented with situations and new stimuli such as stepping on textures, the emission of different noises such as cars, firecrackers, children, people, etc.

Socialisation of large dogs
Large breed puppies are gradually breaking down their fears of the unknown, as they recognise all these stimuli as normal.

We start socialising puppies at seven weeks of age and as we have already mentioned, we begin to introduce them to car noises, music noises, loud traffic noises and situations that we normally know bother them and frighten them.

Textures are very important for puppy socialisation. If puppies are only used to walking on one type of floor, for example grass, when a floor arrives and has ceramic tiles and they step on it, they are petrified because they are not used to walking on that cold, smooth floor. So it is important for the puppy to walk on grass, stone, racholas, etc…

At Caen Corso Barcelona we have a special park for puppies where we socialise the puppy by means of routes where the dog walks on different floors, water falls on it, it has noise obstacles, toys, etc… an endless number of sensations so that when the puppy arrives at its new home it does not have any problems integrating with the new family.

We also try to get the puppy used to everyday life, taking a trip in the car, bringing children to play with them, and socialising them with other bigger dogs of different breeds, in this way the puppy will be prepared for every situation and will behave very normally.

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