we speak today about cane corso italino and children

Socializing the cane corso puppy with other dogs and cane corso children is a very important process.

Although a puppy italian cane corso or italian mastiff that we think is very small, it can frighten us to socialize it with larger dogs, perhaps for fear of being hurt. That is a big mistake. For our puppy italian cane corso or italian mastiff  to learn to relate well with other pets we should not worry so much about the size of the other dogs but rather for the character they have, we must observe well how they behave this adult before joining with our puppy, if we see that it is An adult specimen
Very disproportionate, look for a more calm, sweet
We will socialize our italian cane corso or italian mastiff puppy with dogs, cats, all those animals that can be found throughout his life. Of course, we should look for friendly, calm and kind individuals who foster a positive attitude and make our puppy keep a happy memory.
So your first experiences with other dogs will be positive and will not have traumas of negative experiences.

italian cane corso or italian mastiff  requires socialization and education from an early age.

Our way of raising the canecorso is a responsible and familiar breeding, We do not have cages, our canecorsos live in groups, eat together and enjoy sport and a healthy and happy life.

We fed our Italian canecorso in Spain following a natural Barf diet, based on meat, vegetables and fish. We work the fitness and health of our dogs in our pool designed specifically for them.

We have been selecting the character and phenotype of the Cane Corso for 10 years, making crosses with exceptional characters and performing the character tests before crossing. Only the best specimens of beauty, character and health are part of our breeding program.

We perform all phases of socialization of all our puppies, so that in the future our customers enjoy happy and balanced copies.

We will be delighted to see you in our paradise fall corso Italian of Barcelona in Spain, it will be a pleasure

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