why cane corso

why cane corso

WHY a italian mastiff or cane corso italian or cane corso italiano.

The cane corso is an extremely intelligent breed, faithful and affectionate with its extra intelligence owner and is super guardian of the family.

The Italian mastiff also called cane corso is a large, elegant and powerful breed.

The females are quite different from the males in both size and character.

Cane corso females mature earlier and have more guard instinct.

Males take longer to mature and their character, are much more powerful and large in height and kilos than females.

The cane corso is the security guardian for the family, a dog that is wonderful with people and children especially.





The corso cane is a dog that can be ideal to accompany us to play sports, it is a well-trained dog that has an impressive physical shape, you can go out for a swim and to run around the city or the beach.

The corso cane is a dog that fits very well to another breed, as long as the ebtrada is from puppy, the corso cane is able to let a Pekingese send because he is of age.

He is a faithful dog, and with an infinite kindness.

The corso cane learns very fast, is I would say too smart, looks at you and knows everything.






Corsican cane hair is short, and does not produce allergy like other races.

The care for the bath and its coat are very simple. Bath once every 3/4 weeks depends and brushed with the brush terminator to remove the dead hair.

When there is a rich diet, the cane corso’s coat will be lustrous and with an incredible shine.