If you have a dog you should have a first aid kit with the essentials, if you go on a trip, if you go to the countryside or to the beach with your dog you should have first aid in case something happens to your dog.

We, as professional breeders of cane corso dogs, have had to use our first aid kit on a regular basis, as we all know that dogs are a bit rough around the edges.

Causes of conjunctivitis in the canine corso

Blastoestimulin ointment: This is an antibiotic ointment to prevent wound infections.
Bandages and gauze: Bandages can be used for wounds and to immobilise any area of the dog’s body.
Physiological saline solution: The saline solution can be used to clean specific areas such as eyes, ears and wounds…
Tape: The adhesive tape will be used to seal bandages and gauze.
Scissors: A pair of scissors will not be useful to cut the gauze, adhesive tape and bandages.
Chlorhexidine: This liquid will be useful to clean the wounds.
Hydrogen peroxide: Also very useful for cleaning wounds.
Gloves: It is never superfluous to wear gloves to avoid infecting your dog’s wounds.
Cotton wool: Cotton wool will help us to plug the wounds.

In any case, the first aid kit for dogs should be adapted to the area where we are going to travel, as it may vary.

It is important to check with your vet because the dog’s first aid kit can contain other things that can help us on another occasion.


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