un macho o una hembra - que elegir1

Choose a male or female After a lot of thinking, after Look through the internet and ask and learn which is the race that best suits you.

You already have clear that the cane corso Italian is the right race for you, and arrives another dilemma, a male?

Or a corso cane female? That’s the question, and you doubt if the female or the male is better, and you do not know which of the two will fit more to what you need,

Then I have decided to make this article and a video on you tube about this difficult choice. a male or female – what to choose ? a male or female ?

what to choose1 I want to give my opinion and my experience of many years, for people who can do well, listen to it and it is possible that you can change their mentality,

and their way of seeing this dilemma, male or female? The first thing I have to say is that when you look for a new member for the family,

you look at the corso cane, I think one of the most important things in the election, Apart from the character and how impressive they are,

it is the functionality, you choose the corso cane because it is a guard race.

The security guard for the family as I call him, when the guard is so important, comes the issue of whether a male is better by the size





Will the male be bigger? Will the male be better at guarding my house and my family?

My answer is, if a male is bigger than a cane corso female, of course, but I would not give importance,

Because a large cane female can reach 60 kg, a medium size 55 kg today.

Forget what the standard of a female 40 kg says, there may be some, but the size of the breed has risen considerably.

Therefore, by size, it is not a dilemma for example of a small breed dog, which are just sized, the cane corso under

My opinion has an important size.

I would not base my decision on the male because he is bigger.

Evidently vary the character, between the individuals and each one has its own personality, but if I do an average,

they develop instinct on guard before the males and they are more vigilant.

The males have the instinct of guard of course but the females begin to take over the house,

their domains their limits before to do the guard duty.






Therefore, the female is gaining points, that does not mean that I discard in my choice the male.

I am talking about my experience with the corso cane for many years.

Neither of the females is everything perfect, sometimes 2 times a year, with the zeal, if the female is with males, it is a few weeks of mess for the owners when they do not want to join them and they have the zeal.

My name juanma morato I am from Corsica de X-man