Dedicar tiempo al cane corso

When you do what you like, everything is easier, everything flows effortlessly.

Nothing is an obligation when you like what you do, when you feel that it is your destiny, you feel that you have come for that, to promote the best race in the world, and you are at the disposal of that very thing.

When a cane corso enters your life it is like fresh air that changes your energy, and a change is about to come, it is one of ours, soon our cane corso will become one of ours, our family, a companion or companion of life on our way through life.

 dedicate to CANE CORSO1 [/ caption]

Our journey in this life is short and fast, and all sooner or later, we will not be eternal, what a better companion than someone faithful, strong, powerful, intelligent and very guardian of their own, because the truth I do not see a better partner on this path through life.

Iran appearing more or less difficult situations but we can always trust our cane corso, he will never fail us, how many people can count, with the hand people who failed, or who were not faithful, the corso cane NEVER fail.

 dedicate to CANE CORSO4 dedicate to CANE CORSO4 [/ caption]

The corso cane for me, perhaps too intelligent, understands everything, studies everything, observes everything.
Hay muchas veces , que el trabajo aprieta son muchas cosas muchas situaciones con mis corsos , pero como me gusta a rabiar , siempre con una sonrisa . ❤️✌️❤️