Give value to Cane Corso , that is the question of today

My name is Juanma Morato from Cane Corso Barcelona – Corsos de X-Man.

The barrier of 10 years of breeding, I think there is a psychological barrier, when you have been doing the same thing for a long time,

I think it happens in all the plots of life, you may be a doctor, lawyer, work in banking or shoemaker.
When you have been doing the same thing for a long time, it becomes a routine.
When the routine reaches the breeder is the worst poison that you can get inside.
Because routine is the worst poison, if it is very simple, you do not give value to what you do, you do not give value to your dogs,



EL VALOR del Cane Corso2



your Cane corsos , you do not give value to your puppies … remember when you cried, when you left home your first litters,

you could not help it, you cried like a cupcake … and that’s good means you love and give value.
I have traveled all over the world with Cane Corsica, people who raise Russia, Usa, Spain, all of Europe and South America,

I have seen the great breeders of cane corso, and the little ones too.





I have seen a lot of very good breeders without giving value, to their Cane corso,

without caring about their puppies, in places and in very bad conditions for dogs.
It is something that I have seen many times, and that I never want to happen to me, I have it very involved, it is very inserted in me.
When the routine arrives and you do not give value to what you do, every day you do it a little worse,

little by little you do not realize it and you leave the details aside. The details are very important,

are those that give you a plus of quality to what you do, are those that give you a lot of added value to what you do,

Customers are the ones that make the difference in how you are doing.
They clients will quickly talk if you do it very well or very badly, obviously there are more demanding people than others,

but with all you must be equally meticulous taking care of the details.
I have seen many people start with the corso cane and little by little over the years, start raising other things other kinds of dogs.
When you start with the corso cane and then go to other races means that the corso cane is not a priority for you,

that no longer a way of life.




EL VALOR del Cane Corso1


You must think if you breed cane corso, labrador, teckel, and in all you want to do well?
Do you want to be the messi? of everything
It is better to do one thing and do good.

There are gestures that make a difference. When you strive to have a space for your top dogs,

you are not doing but giving value to your dogs, it means that you value, what you have. It means that you make a very big economic effort because what you have is very important for you.
You go to a friend’s house, all dirty, base on all sides, papers, food by the tables,

Food that is getting bad on the floor, and if you have to throw a piece of paper and do not see wastepaper, you throw away the paper,

and you will think my friend does not value his house, if instead you go to a friend’s house, and it’s an incredibly bright house,

impia smells good, this new reformed, a house like rich …. and you have to throw a paper ..? you throw it to the ground?

… you will not put it in your pocket or look for a trash can in the house .. but you never will, you see that your friends give a lot of value to your house.
Just as you take care of your things, you see what value you give your dogs.