we are the best breeder Cane corso, we are dedicated to breed the best puppies in the world.
breeding the best corso cane line in the world. we breeder cane corso italiano for many years.
We have world champions in various classes, like X-man World Champion in the champion class. vice junior champion Uncynical de la mirage de torrellas, 2 baby world champions of 2018, and a vice champion puppy of 2018 as well.
We raise to carry the best for our Corsican cane, and the idea is to grow every day as a person and as a level of our horses, every day we wake up with hope, trying to do better every day and how we can improve.
At this time March 13, 2019 we have one of the most important litters, in our career with the cane corso.
Apart from an incredible pedigree we will hardly find it, the quality of the puppies is sensational
bone size, super heads, something top.





We currently have one of the most improved facilities in the world, this 2019 quicios faced, the challenge of readjusting all our facilities, creating a space of 20,000 m2 unique and dedicated only to cane corso, the best breed in the world.
Alone and only we raise cane corso, because we believe that when we grow cane corso, Dalmatian, bulldog, when much is touched little is covered, and when we do something, we do it very well done.
the facilities consist of right area for dogs, for every 2/3 dogs, laundry area, first aid area, birth zone, customer area, 2 houses and storage area and offices.
As for the food we are proud of the food we are giving to our dogs.

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we use the natural diet natural diet
feeding is very important in large breeds and also in small breeds, but I think that in large breeds it is more noticeable when it is a bad diet or with deficiencies. The races with more kilos develop faster and can have many more problems And if we talk about puppies in the growing age, important not, IMPORTANT, feeding. The big industries of animal feed with their marquetin, tell us that the feed has everything and that they are the best of the best. And they make everything comfortable so you do not have to worry about anything, you put the dose and now. I have not used feed for many years, but when I used them, I often thought, how is it possible that a feed almost does not expire, because it lasts so long? How is it possible ? How long does a beef sirloin take to get bad? Well, the answer is very little. I think my name is Juan Morato and that I do not have any economic interest, in praising the feed or the natural food, because I do not dedicate myself to any of that, nor does anyone pay me to give my opinion. almost all feed Have between 40/75% carbohydrates, when dogs should eat about 10% Because some feed? They carry ash, yes, ash. Corn ? Dogs are chickens? Have you seen a wolf eat ash or corn? Normal to get kidney problems. And this nobody says that nobody explains it, because with the feed the dogs shit 5 times more, comparing them with the poop of the natural food. This is what I eat. I am not an expert, and I am the one who picks up the poop of my dogs. I always call my attention a lot. The answer is clear and logical If I with 20 dogs I take 5 bags full of shit every day and with the natura diet with the same dogs I take out half a bag. It is very clear, with the natural diet, food is retained by the body, with the feed as it comes out, because the dogs’ bodies are wise and equal to ours, and they know how to distinguish what brings good things to them. As for natural food, I remember that when it started, I was very worried, I read a lot and I thought that I would not be able to, that it would be very complicated. But no, I started little by little and everything was flowing. I remember that the first 5 months, I analyzed my dogs if they had too much protein or had too much fish. Actually, all that happened to me today, I can not be happier, I make my own diet, I do it with my hands, I clean the chicken I select the fish, this week I put more carrots the other week I put a lot more vegetables and I can not be happier I really recommend it to all
I hope you liked it
my name is juanma morato de cane corso Barcelona – Spain (corsos de x-man)