Dod Romero Trainer manager

Dod Romero is amazing person. He is a professional trainer of a few stars, like Lenny Kravitz. When we contact , he is crazy to have one super pup of our line.



I've had other breeds Throughout my life but none Certainly Has Been like my Cane Corso, it has a spectacular temperament and is completely balanced. Juan Manuel has a very special care about his litters. If you want to buy



I saw X Man in the World Championship in Milan, I contacted Juan Manuel and now i have my own Cane Corso ant it's like a son for me, if you are looking a place of Cane Corsos sale, Juan


Sandis Pimentel – New York

My wife and I purchased our Cane Corso (Disel) from Juan Morato. Besides Cane Corsos being the best breed. We found that Corso De X-men were so professional and informative during the purchase of our puppy. Juan Morato was so