Shipping puppies Cane Corso

//Shipping puppies Cane Corso
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Shipping puppies Cane Corso

 Shipping puppies Cane Corso

In this video we talk about the complete shipping process. We talk about how we send. The shipment can be made, or the client can be ordered from the whole process or we can take care of the whole process. When we can and we do not have newborn puppies, we like it to be by hand, We fly with the puppy or someone from our team. If for whatever it is not possible, we take care of the whole process.





After the total payment of the puppy and the shipment if we do it. We need 2 or 3 days for international shipping, for national shipments we need half the time. For international shipments such as Europe or America, we need 2/3 days. Normally the first day we go to the veterinarian, for the passport and the certificate and the puppy’s health exam. and the second day we go to the restaurant and see our customs agent who we hired the shipment, by international cargo transport. The shipment would arrive at the nearest airport of our client and would be to the cargo area of ​​the airport.


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