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Cane Corso Puppy Price


Today we will talk about our Cane corso puppy price

the price involves many factors, we

  • criador canecorso juanma morato

“It is not doing what we like, but that we like what we do, which makes life a blessing.”


how much does a cane corso cost

To understand that you are a good breeder of cane corso

In our passion for Cane Corso we have traveled the world, competing in dog shows and winning the highest world awards.

We have always sought, health, balanced caracther of our dogs.

many years ago and many times, we have spent a lot to go to other countries to ride with a horse and when we get to the site, to see that the male we wanted to ride with had an excessive character, a lion or was afraid.

And pick up the suitcases and leave without riding. that’s raising cane corso

esto ha hecho que a dia de hoy tengamos maravilloso caracter en nuestra linea de sangre y una salud optima.

Llevamos 10 años seleccionando el carácter y el fenotipo del Cane Corso, haciendo cruces con ejemplares de excepcional carácter y realizando los test de carácter antes de cruzar. En nuestro programa de cría únicamente forman parte los mejores ejemplares de belleza, carácter y salud.

Tenemos el honor, en nuestro plantel, de tener a campeones del mundo y vice campeones junior de belleza canina. Hoy con  Afijo FCI: Corso X-man  Barcelona , criar Cane corso . Nuestra  forma de criar es una cría responsable y familiar, No tenemos jaulas, nuestros perros viven en grupos, comen  juntos y disfrutan de deporte y una vida sana y feliz.

En este caso hablaremos de mister morato X-man barcelona , este cachorro cane corso nace despues de 10 años de pasion por esta

canecorso breed

race that is born in italy and that many people want to know much more about it.

This canecorso puppy is born from an inbreding in one of the most important dogs of the canecorso Brutus X-man world champion 2015 breed and one of the most used canecorsos in recent times. With a spectacular character, wonderful type and an enviable structure, this canecorso is selected for our great program in the Italian canecorso.

Mister Morato X-man Barcelona was born from father Bis Ch Uracan from the Mirage de Torrellas and Ch talisman from the Mirage de Torrellas, these specimens are the most important in recent years in our working group.

Uracan de la mirage de torrellas one of the best players son of the canecorso X-man and Aphrodite, Ch talisman daughter of Sakura and X-man

we are very proud of this quality of specimens after years of working with the canecorso.

Our way of breeding is a responsible and familiar breed. We do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together, and enjoy sports and a healthy and happy life.
we feed our dogs with meat, vegetables and fish the natural Barf diet. If you are looking for a place to sell cane corso, this is your place.

This is our motto: “It is not doing what we like, but rather that we like what we do, which makes life a blessing”

More than ten years of experience in selling cane corsos

enjoying the love of canecorso, selecting temperament and physical potential to currently have spectacular specimens for the improvement of the breed.

We will be delighted to see each other in our paradise with the Italian corso of Barcelona in Spain, I will be a pleasure.

Buy Cane Corso males in Spain. We breed breed canines in the best conditions, males, females, puppies for sale to buy online. follow us on “instagram” @juanmamorato or on “Facebook”: Juan manuel Morato


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