New litter the best cane corso pups, Corsos de  X-man

New litter, of cane corso  from X-man, the best Cane corso in the world.

we have it here after the birth of the wonderful puppies of World winner X-man @ Ch talisman of the mirage de torrellas,

NOW birth of Denico samari Desiree @ World winner X-man. the new puppies, to give a quality leap in our work with the cane corso.

From the line of Desiree the best line of blacks currently and the world champion X-man that gives the best corso cane pups of the world,

thus fixing its genetic imprint, and giving a quality of type of health and muscles in the puppies,





being x-man a dog we call in breeding genetics, which means that it gives puppies that improve the quality of the type even the of the.

An extraordinary litter after more than 15 years in our work with the cane corso.

The puppies are gray from the Ch Talisman camouflage of the mirage of torrellas and they are Black from the litter of Desiree and X-man.

perhaps the best in many years. Desiree is a large medium sized corso cane female, with a lot of bearing is very sweet and safe with the family

New litter the best cane corso  pups X-man is a female that does the guard very well It is a litter with high quality d the best line of blacks in the world endorsed, in desiree, an imposing female, corso cane eye, size porte, security, impressive structure and as not the pope of the two litters of both

the desiree and the x-man is WORLD WINNER BIS BRUTUS AKA X-MAN. of X-man you can not say anything else everything is already said,

the living legend of the cane corso, king of kings, ace of aces, legend among the legends. The light when a race as punished as the cane corso enters into crisis is the quality,

X-man, to shine in the best race in the world.

X-man not only gives quality puppies, world champion, champion of 15 countries, best in show in Europe and best in show in USA,

it is best in show in both continents. It is one of the most important Cane Corsos of race in the history of our race and has a story to tell.

Do you know the true story of X-man?





I’m Juan Manuel Morato from Corsos by x-man barcelona, ​​breeder of puppies cane corso and

today I write to welcome all the passionate who has discovered this wonderful race.