I Start with Cane corso, I do not even remember when I had my first contact with the corso cane.

I met them when a former couple introduced me to a copy of Cane corso.

They were brought from outside a male and a female, the two specimens of Sicily from a sr named Nino leto, the strong imposing female with a lot of bone, the very big male, very childish and with displeasure in the back.

The female was another level, another thing, even intelligence, as I like the cane corso, looks at you and knows.

I went crazy and little by little look, if there were any litters in Spain.

I found a girl in a small town near tarragona and I went to see them.

You can see 4 cane corso more, it was a family breeding, without much desire for anything, buy a male and a female.

The female was one of my wonderful breeders I call Inu and it comes out in many of my pedigree.

He was a big Cane corso bitch, intelligent, good mom, pretty face and a lot of type.

My beginnings with Cane corso1
My beginnings with Cane corso1

Inu gave me many wonderful dogs among them Alonso de la mirage de torrellas, a black male, who was then multi champion of beauty.

I remember with great affection that time, it was passion, but I did not have eyes to see the quality of the dogs, I began to go to shows and little by little, as I am super competitive, again I wanted to make a quality jump.

I made a contract with a world champion Desmo del cerberus, and so take it for 1 year to shows and be able to use it in reproduction.

Desmo took another small leap of quality to what we had at that time of copies of the cane corso.

All change multiplied by 100

When it came to my hands, THE LEGEND X-Man.

When you are looking for happiness you need a Corsican cane.

A Corsican cane is faithful, and always will be in the good and the bad, when everything is shadow your companion cane corso is light.

When everything goes wrong there is always your corso cane to give you a lick.

There are times when we need to be with ourselves and find our essence, our heart, those moments of doubt.

We will always find our cane corso.