To be able to select a cane corso pup or puppy, we have to take into account many factors, among them:
Select the puppy by character
select the puppy only by color.
select the puppy by type or quality

When we already have clear what we want, that is the most important thing to know what we want,
because there are people who in their life have nothing clear, nothing at all.
We can now start the selection.
Selection of our puppy by character.
there are many people, who are looking for something special and who want to do a job with the puppy
Not only is he a puppy companion, a pet.
It is a puppy to work in obedience, or in trace or in IPO.






There are many techniques for selecting this type of puppy and those already initiated or experts
in IPO, they are clear that it has to be a safe puppy and with what they call SPARK, that is, very moved.
When we want to select a puppy for show and beauty, also our Cane corso pup has to meet a series of requirements.

Requirements in the type that fits as much as possible to the standard of the corso cane, fit in the character, a puppy that is well socialized and that I have very good character.
There are also many people, who are looking for a puppy for the family and who can act as guard, guard when he is older to keep and protect the family.
You have to select the puppy, from the rest of the litter depending on what each client requires.
There are also some people who already have a dog and who are going to acquire a cane corso puppy and who do not want that puppy to be the leader of the litter, since they want the puppy to arrive at his house and thus have no problem with that new one. member of the family, and that the adaptation of the new cane corso pup and with his new friends, dogs of other races and adults, is not any kind of problem, that everything is a blessing.

The selection by color I think is the easiest, the client asks for a solid black puppy.
And you are selected what a black corso cane puppy asks for.

within this the normal thing is that the black puppies have small or larger spots on the chest and sometimes small on the legs, usually the spots are white.
there are some customers who want a black puppy and all black without spots, this costs more to be born, sometimes 1 of 100 puppies is born this way, and the price is always different and higher than euros.


Selection of the corso cane pup by quality, is the selection almost more difficult, the client wants a puppy top, a puppy of very good quality and renounces the color,
can be gray, black corso cane pup brindle, bony the best born without taking into account the color or the coat of the puppy.
I hope you liked it

that has served you to learn and see many points of view of the selection of a corso cane pup.
my name is juanma morato de cane corso Barcelona – Spain, from Corsos de x-man.