My name Juan Manuel Morato Mayor, I’m from Cane Corso Barcelona.

Today I am going to talk about our new CANE CORSO litter for sale.

I’m going to talk about the parents of the litter of puppies and I’ll explain how the puppies are,

I’ll also leave some videos of you tube so you can see the new puppies.






The puppies are from the X-Man World Champion and the Ch Talisman Champion from the mirage of torrellas.

The character of the puppies of the 2015 X-Man World Champion is incredible, and has everything that I like about the Cane Corso dog breed.

X-Man, that’s what I call it, is Faithful, safe and very powerful.






He weighs around 70 kg and makes 70cm at the withers.

Arrogant and sometimes haughty my X-Man looks like a person, and understands everything.

Extremely intelligent, attached to its owner, of all my cane corso, I have a few is better.

X-Man always gives his genetic imprint in the puppies, is very strong genetically in reproduction and the puppies are very much like him.

Talisman is extremely intelligent and with the people of the house he is the most affectionate, with the people from outside,

talisman stays distant and at the beginning keeps the distances and does not give to the people,







It would have a more guardian character in that sense than X-Man.

What else can I say about one of my best female, big and powerful as a male.





From talisman came the previous litter the world champions Babys of 2018, but not one 2 of the same litter,

with this you can see the quality of talisman puppies, brutal, from her also came for example Candy X-Man barcelona

and catwoman who are incredible females of our work with the cane corso.






The puppies are beautiful

A lot of quality, very big, a lot of size, a lot of bone.





Very good heads, I leave a video for you to see them