Caracter cane corso
Es a la vez un compañero tranquilo en caCane corso character is at the same time a quiet companion at home and a tireless athlete outside. Family insurance, is affectionate without being dependent. The Cane Corso is a sober watchdog. Very receptive to obedience. In addition, a bit dominant dog. Tolerant also with their peers, even if they are the same the cane corso was selected by the Italian farmers to protect their properties, their cattle, even as a dog dog or dog of grip. Therefore, that today is a versatile dog, with a very marked character. The cane corso is balanced, great aptitude for the guardian and under hunting instinct, bit dominant, very affectionate with his family that feels very attached, quiet, little barking, self-confident, but attentive and distrustful with strangers. Aware of their size and power, the cane corso tends to be quiet and only in case of real necessity of danger, acts and attacks.
Above all dog for the family of guard, protection to the family.