Best cane corso italian

The Italian cane corso,

Best cane corso italian barcelona,

Cane corso are usually very balanced and self-confident.

Today we will talk about the color cane corso
Color Black cane corso color
Color gray cane corso color
Color Formentino cane corso color
Color Fawn cane corso color

The Italian cane corso is usually a quiet animal and very little barking,

The children of the Cane Corso X-man located in Barcelona breeder, Corsos of X-man, are magnificent with the family, and character selected by many generations.

The breed cane corso are very obedient dogs, as far as dominance, females are more advisable for those people who have difficulties to exercise authority.

In fact the cane corso has been used in his country of origin, Italy, for various functions and among the most notable are guard and defense. Of course in its origin was used mainly for the hunting of wild boar.

Best cane corso italian barcelona, ​​X-man world champion is a reference.

On the other hand males are usually a better choice for those people in which the guard function is a priority.

Cane Corso dogs are rustic animals, strong temperament, vigilant, able to assimilate all kinds of experiences and adapt to all environmental conditions. In general the specimens of this breed are usually quite balanced

A well socialized cane, hierarchical and especially with a responsible owner, is usually a good companion of the human being.

We will be delighted to visit our cane corsos in our paradise of cane corso of barcelona, ​​there you will be able to appreciate how marvelous they are the breed cane corso italiano.

Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding, We do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together, and enjoy sport and a healthy and happy life. Enjoying games at the pool, and a perfect job of socializing.
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