Our puppies of Cane Corso black, are considered the bests in the world, in the line of the X-man we have the wonderful black puppies, and adjusted at the homogeneity.

We have brought quality in our black, bringing in from Russia the champion of Standley pat bakardi, she has a black color and give us an incredible quality, our Cane Corso black puppies have a shine and quality of hair incredible, also we contributed in the line, with the Dedico Samaria line, wich is a very fixed black line.

The puppies of Cane Corso black usually born with blue eyes and they are changing as they grow up, usually in adulthood they have honey-colored eyes, others blue and others more brown, in other cases they get yellowish.

The hair color of our Cane Corso black puppies in our bloodline normally is light gray, although X-man gives dark gray color, an spectacular dark silver.

I’m going to show you some pictures of our puppies, the colors light gray, dark silver gray and brindle gray.

Our objective is get the socialization of our Cane Corso since young, accustomed to any type of situation and we do this making activities with noises, taking them to some places unknown for them, so they get a balanced relationships between they know and what they unknown, and a foment well-defined and stable temperament.

Our Cane Corso live situation related to different type of people, we like to relate or Cane Corso with adults, kids, elderly, so they can live different types of situations.

We are attentive to any situation that can give an apprenticeship to our puppies, situations like a busy street, where interactions with people, cars, animals or various noises, that will do the behavior of our Cane Corso.

We like to take our dogs and take them to shopping centers, where there is not only get socialization with humans or other dogs, our Cane Corso also are knowing another places different from the one they inhabit, with different textures than they are used to.

When we talk about textures we refer, for example, to different types of soil, like we can find ourselves, carpet, wood, earth, etc.

You see that all this is a very important process so that in the long run our black Cane Corso come out balanced and capable of facing any situation in the best possible way.

We still working to improve the techniques and power balanced and constructive relations with our Cane Corsos.