Cane corso puppie for sale Vancouver

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Cane Corso puppies for sale Vancouver

We are happy with the amazing quality of our cane corso puppies.

We have in this moment the best cane corso puppies in the world.

We are very happy with our clients in Vancouver.

We are dog breeders in Barcelona, and we have cane corso puppies for sale in Vancouver.

We work with profesional shipping company cane corso puppy worldwide.

We work very hard every day for our clients, have the best dogs, best pup cane corso, the best cane corso puppies.

We work with the best profesional company of cargo ship, after cane corso puppy is ready for send to Vancouver Canada, we do all the documents for the ship, and we prepared all the documents for the custom. For you have the dream pup.

Payment is by bank or Western union.

After the payment is ready, we take around 2 or 3 day for your cane corso puppy arrived to your home. We do all the documents (internacional passport, and a healthy certification), we have bill and guarantee of healthy 1 year.

We have many many friends and good clients in Vancouver.

You can buy cane corso puppies in Vancouver. You will be really happy.

I am Juanma Morato to Corso de X-man Barcelona, we work with the best line, the line of the best of best, the legend X-man.

Cane corso puppies for sale Vancouver
Cane corso puppies for sale Vancouver
buy Cane corso puppies in Vancouver


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