Today on the Cane Corso Barcelona blog, we want to give our community our most important tips when it comes to dealing with the coexistence between a cane corso dog and a cat.

Find out about your own

They are undoubtedly a pair of species that generally do not get along very well, as they are quite different from each other and to start a correct process of coexistence and socialisation with them, you need to know their qualities in order to know how their relationship can develop. For example, cats tend to be more independent, while dogs are more sociable, cats do not need to go out, while dogs need to be outside to relieve themselves.

Planning the meeting

Planning is very important, especially when you have to introduce a new member to a pet already living at home. We must study very well how it is going to be in order to avoid discomfort on both sides. It has to be a slow process, because this is the way to guarantee a safe well-being.

How to integrate a cat into a house that already has a dog in it.

It should be done with great caution, the most advisable is to do it from a certain distance.

They should start to smell each other little by little so that they recognise each other and interfere only when necessary.

Avoid socialising with food, as this could make the situation worse.

Your pet’s health

– Deworming: deworm them when necessary according to the vet’s instructions.
– Hygiene: keep everything clean and tidy to avoid infections. Keep everything very clean.
– Feeding: keep them on the balanced diet they need so that they can always be healthy.

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