Today on the Cane Corso Barcelona blog, we will explain some tips so that you can react and correct if your dog gets aggressive with other dogs.

Dogs sometimes get aggressive with a neighbouring dog for many reasons, for example because it is of the opposite sex, because the other dog has come to sniff at it, because the other dog is loose in the dog wee and has gone for it, etc.

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs?

Dog aggression towards other dogs is undoubtedly one of the things that most worries dog owners. Unfortunately, we often see dogs that become aggressive towards other dogs, either when your dog provokes them or when you are walking down the street and another dog comes to bother your dog. These situations are very stressful for you and your dog if we don’t know how to control them.

How do I control a dog when it becomes aggressive towards another dog?

When we are out walking with our dog, we have to be a little alert to the dogs that are close to us. If we already know in advance that a dog might confront your dog, we must anticipate in order to avoid a confrontation. If we have not had time and they have already become aggressive towards each other, remember that in that situation your dog no longer listens to you or reasons, his most primitive emotions are the ones in charge at that moment.

What do I do if my dog is in a fight?

If your dog has become aggressive towards another dog and you are already engaged in a fight, the first thing to do is to keep calm so that your dog does not become more nervous.

Pick up the lead gently and not in a jerky, tugging manner as this can make your dog more nervous.

Be careful in any of these manoeuvres so that you don’t get bitten by either dog. Pulling back on the lead sharply and shouting at him will only make your dog angrier and probably scare him more than he should already be.

It is recommended that you remain silent without shouting and try to calm him with a loving tone and then walk him on a short leash and slowly lead him away until your back is to the other dog, making light of the other dog and reflecting that nothing is wrong.


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