Puppies are very playful and have a lot of energy and because of this they often chew on objects, furniture, shoes, etc….

Puppies bite to express their affection and because they want to play.

Tips to stop a puppy from biting

We must ensure that our puppies learn to play and have fun without the need to bite.

If your puppy bites you during play, we must stop playing immediately so that he associates biting with stopping play.

What do I have to do to stop a puppy from biting?

If our puppy bites, we must divert these impulses towards a toy and not allow him to bite us.

When our puppy does well and does not bite us when playing, we should reward him with a treat or treats.

Often we must say NO to our puppies when playing so that they do not get used to biting in play.

If we get him used to it in this way, when our puppy grows up he will know what is right and what is wrong and in a very short time he will stop biting.

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