Is the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff compatible with other breeds?

Can my puppy carne corso puppy get along well with other dogs? This is a question that is repeated a lot.
There are many people who ask me because they are afraid of having problems of socialization with other dogs of other breeds, they are afraid that they will not live well, that things will not go well.

The answer obviously is that everything will be fine. It is not the same to introduce a puppy to an adult dog, the system would be different. A puppy would not entail any problem it would be very easy even the puppy when it arrives even if it is a big or small breed it adapts very well and is able to let the adult dog even if it is a small breed dog to dominate or to be the leader of the pack where it is a little bit more complicated because for example, if we have to take a canine dog with us, it would be very easy, if we have to take an adult cane corso dog it would be a little more complicated, we would have to look carefully at the steps to follow because with an adult cane corso it is obviously different, we would have to look at how we incorporate it into the pack, in what way and how to do it.

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How to socialize two breeds of dogs?

There are a series of things that we have to do when a cane corso puppy arrives to our family, as we did with Anat Xman and Seth from @canecorsoseth, and it would be to try that the puppy and the head dog of the pack, to try that they meet outside the habitat of the other dog, that would be the ideal, to give first a long walk, that they smell each other, that they socialize between them, that they know each other and then to do the work inside the house or in the space where the puppy and the dog of the other breed are going to coexist.

The first month you have to do things very well, try not to give priority and not to pamper the new dog so that jealousy is not the biggest problem.

You have to walk a lot of time with the dogs so that they get used to each other, and we do not have problems of fights between the two dogs.

We can give small treats in the form of food when after a long walk they have behaved well with each other, in this way we will also accelerate the socialization between the two breeds.

You can see many videos on my YouTube channel where I explain techniques to do this job.

Well guys I hope I have answered this question and I would like you to write me if you have any problem with any breed of dog.


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