The Cane Corso is a Italian breed, that comes from the Canis Pugnax, dog Roman, the cane corso accompanied the legions in the wars, were warrior dogs and very ferocious. The cane corso, was used in Roman campaigns and was always in the front line of combat.

historia cane corso juanma morato 1

historia cane corso juanma

In The Ancient World,

The best breed in the world its history, origins 
The Cane Corso is an ancient Italian breed that comes from the ‘Canis Pugnax
 highly valued in Ancient Rome.
The first records of the breed date from the sixteenth century.

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From its origins, the Cane Corso has been used for guarding the property and animals, in addition to family protection and big game. He was an escort dog for merchants.
Cane Corso was fierce and determined, as his imposing structure seems to be in the order of his name, because Cane Corso means bodyguard, powerful, robust, strong.
Outside Italy little is known about race, and even in their country of origin, as they fell into oblivion when agriculture was mechanized.
 the story of the Cane corso due to its fierceness was used for big game, bears, jabalis ect. of this time comes the cut tail and ears, so that their prey could not catch and moder any part of his body. The cane corso also had a lot of skin and his adversaries bite the neck,
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for example and had so much skin, that they never hurt them. If we could say, that the corso cane, was a dog whose function was the war with the Romans and the big game, this is very important because little by little we will see how the Cane corso is changing over time in its functionality, in the 70s will pass to the guard of the Italian farmhouses and to keep the heavy machinery of the farmers. In actuality the cane corso is a guard dog for the family. The best guardian for houses and family. We return to the ancient era, we can see old sculptures of the cane corso as the nativity of southern Italy.
historia cane corso juanma morato 2

historia cane corso juanma morato 2

From this time comes the Corso word, 
which some assimilate as a corcega, but comes from the Latin cohors,

 which means brave, manly, strong. 

so the ancestors described the cane corso, there were also popular sayings at that time, 

(it is worse than a bite of corso cane ..) therefore it was a powerful dog and that was sought in the virtue of ferocity, 

both for battle like big game.

by juanma morato