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The Feeding is one of the most important issues for breeding,

We make barf to our puppies.

We have best places for you , the paradise of cane corso.


Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia4

Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia4


Of course it also becomes very important, because in the long run a good diet avoids many health problems,

it is determined that genetically it does and it provides the maximum nutrients and all the quality of a spectacular meal with large breeds

such as the cane corso for years and years and the litters increase the quality of the dogs.

And in this case Cane Corso is going up and genetically it is something that grows a lot, this turned out.

Food is something very important that you have to take care of it a lot, you don’t have to skimp and you don’t have to try to save on food.Obviously the market is full of food products and brands that make a lot of promotion, and invests a lot of money for us,

the people of Caña Corso buy their products and bombard us on the net with many offers.We use the best food for Cane Corso or we understand what it is that during the years we are using and doing better,

it is the natural diet also called the barf diet.


Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia3

Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia3


It is the natural diet for us the best antidote for any type of disease to take care of the skin of the Cane corso for the ideal sea weight

so that the bone muscles that have many many beneficial things also grow.

What things does the natural diet have that in our view can not contribute balanced feed or prefabricated food of major brands?

The first thing is that it is easier that the weight of our dogs are more in line with the ideal weight with natural food muscle growth with natural food

is I would say that 50% 60% greater, then when the feeding is sitting well to the animal shows especially in the hair, in the shine of the hair and this is something

that even happiness on the street, because it looks super fast, another very important thing is when the dog is accustomed to eating I think you collect a lot of poop ,

droppings come on. When the dog is passed or Cane Corso goes on a natural diet, he reduces stool by almost 100% by 70% and then enters the same diet as the same kilos the dog

is absorbing 70 80% more food, and that the food is holding it much more, there you understand that with the feed the food comes in and sale

and with the natural diet the dog retains and gives a lot of benefits to the muscular system to the digestive system

and it shows very fast in the state too emotional of the dog.Sometimes we believe that the natural diet is very difficult


Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia1

Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia1


but it really is not that difficult many times we are afraid to start with the natural diet because it is obviously very comfortable balanced food,

this is taken by the serving and regulate the certain I think you need and it is simple And simple. But it is not so difficult to start with the natural diet

especially one of the most important things when you decide to make such a drastic change your dog is accustomed to taking balanced

is the theme of the Probiotic the Probiotic are essential. And super important when we make the change because the Probiotic are the ones that regulate

the whole issue of stomach fluids and make the dog’s intestinal flora not suffer. Obviously the stomach works much more with natural food

but it is true that natural food is digested much more before and many hours before balanced food is also shown that with natural Corsican cane has more activity.

There are many diets on the Internet obviously with all the percentages for when you do the natural diet do good we for example in adults

make 2 doses of food one in the morning where we provide the Probiotic with a little honey and an egg and sometimes you

We put Maria cookies and then a stronger dish that would be in the evening, where we contribute for example the chicken or we contribute for example red meat,

veal, meaty bone and we are changing, but always one day a week we have fish and vegetable then this type of diet,

is obviously for us the best for Cane Corso and is the one that we followed many years ago the natural diet for us has brought us a quality and an impressive level of puppies we recommend it 100 × 100.

The character of Cane Corso is one of the most impressive and most surprising characters of all dog breeds at the first time you see a cane corso

surprises you very much because you think it is a fierce and strong dog and the truth is that everything the opposite is a very intelligent dog,


Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia

Buy cane corso in Australia and cane corso puppies for sale in Australia


sensitive, confident and very very faithful.The Italian Cane Corso the definition of the Cane Corso that I would give you is the family guardian,

the family security guard, the angel of the family guard and the children, that is a very good definition about the Cane Corso, evidently all We know that its predecessor,

the Roman dog, because its function was the big game and the war, but the Cane Corso has been changing its function over the years and little by little it has become

that spectacular dog for the family. its strength and And the power of a Cane Corso make it a super attractive breed because we could compare it to the Ferrari of the power dogs.

With balance, that would be a strong and balanced something powerful Cane Corso and where the most important and very surprising feature

is the intelligence the Cane Corso, the cane corso has laser beams and knows what you are thinking is something like telepathy is impressive,

amazing the ability of the Cane Corso s Open what you’re saying and even thinking.

The Italian Cane Corso is for me of all the breeds of dogs the best breed in the world and I say again for me because for another person there will obviously

be other breeds that are the best breeds in the world but the Cane Corso fits me to everything that I like a breed of dogs, is a large breed is a powerful breed is a very intelligent breed

is a faithful breed is a breed that is not excessive, is a breed that at any time you can stop it and with the voice and does not get hooked with other dogs,

cane corso is a breed that can live with other dog breeds, I have personally seen it.A Cane Corso lives together and has lived a lifetime with Chihuahuas And the truth is that it is an impressive breed is in principle a breed that is recommended for all types of people,

even people for example who are not black belts in dogs but Cane Corso It is recommended for all types of people because although it is a large dog it is a dog that makes a lot of case that it is faithful and as they are intelligent it learns very fast.