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Our puppies are delivered to each client, striving to give each client what they need and what they are looking for.
The new owner is given the Italian mastiff puppy, identified with his microchip,
Our veterinarian makes a clinical and health examination of each puppy and issues a health certificate guaranteeing that the puppy passes all health checks and is in perfect health. The puppies are delivered with internacional european passport and health card, so if at any given time you have to go to a foreign country with our puppies cane corso, we could do so by presenting our international passport with all the vaccines up to date.
In the passport the veterinarian will put all the information of our corso cane pup, his microchip number,

all the information of the owner, treatments, deworming, vaccines, and a clinical examination at the end that with the official health certificate, guarantees that we are buying a puppy that is in health at this time.
With the health certificate and the passport stamped by our collegiate veterinarian in the final part of the clinical examination,

We give GENETIC guarantee of our puppies.
All puppies have a viral warranty of 15 days.
Pedigree / Loe
All our puppies, are delivered to part of the documentation, we have discussed before, the passport, vaccines, deworming, the GUARANTEE and the bill.

The register book of the loe, of the real Spanish canine society, is delivered.
The pedigree will certify that the dog is purebred, without undesired crosses have occurred between their predecessors, according to the information provided to the RSCE by the breeder / s when applying for registration in the LOE of their litters.

The pedigree is registered with one of the best affixes in the world of cane corso (CORSOS DE X-MAN).


Instalaciones para criar Perros Cane Corso : Mastín Italiano




The pedigree is the document that certifies the genealogy of the specimen. It contains the following information:
• Denomination of the Stud Book and number with which the dog has been registered
• Date of registration
• Dog’s name
• Race
• Variety
• Sex
• Colour
• Championship titles obtained
• Birthdate
• Microchip number
• Name of the breeder
• Date of property transfer
• Owner’s name and address
• Date of issuance of the pedigree
• Authorized signatures of the Royal Canine Society of Spain
• Name and registration number of the predecessors
• The pedigree will certify that the dog is purebred, without undesired crosses have occurred between their predecessors, according to the information provided to the RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain)

by the breeder / s when applying for registration in the LOE of their litters.




The feeding of puppies corso cane or Italian Mastiff large breeds and also in the small ones, but I think that in the big ones it is more noticeable when it is a bad diet or with deficiencies.
The races with more kilos develop faster and can have many more problems
And if we speak of corso cane puppies growing age, important not, IMPORTANT, feeding them.
The big industries of feed with their marketing, tell us that feed has everything and that they are the best of the best.
And they make everything comfortable so you do not have to worry about anything, you put the dose and now.
I Juan Manuel Morato, many years ago I do not use feed, many years ago, when I used them, many times I thought, how is it possible that a feed almost does not expire, because it lasts so long?
How is it possible ?
How long does a beef tenderloin take to get bad?
Well, the answer is very little.


We do not have any economic interest, in praising the feed or the natural food, because I do not dedicate myself to any of that, nor does anyone pay me to give my opinion.
almost all the feed
They have between 40/75% carbohydrates, when dogs should eat about 10%.
Because some feed? They carry ash, yes, ash.
Corn ? Dogs are chickens?
Have you seen a wolf eat ash or corn?
Normal to get kidney problems.
And this nobody says that nobody explains it, because with the feed the dogs shit 5 times more, comparing them with the poop of the natural food.
I think that as I am not an expert with a tie, and I am the one who picks up the poop of my dogs, I always call my attention a lot.
The answer is clear and logical
If I with 20 dogs I take 5 bags full of shit every day and with the natura diet with the same dogs I take out half a bag.
It is very clear, with the natural diet, food is retained by the body, with the feed as it comes out, because the dogs’ bodies are wise and equal to ours, and they know how to distinguish what brings good things to them.
As for natural food, I remember that when he started, he was very worried, he read a lot and I thought he was not going to be able to, that it was going to be very complicated.
But no, I started little by little and everything was flowing.
I remember that the first 5 months, I analyzed my dogs if they had too much protein or had too much fish etc.






Why breed cane corso?
3 reasons why he raised Cane corso / cane breeder Corsican
I’m Juanma Morato from Corsos x-man Barcelona-Spain
I have been a breeder for over 15 years, we sell corso cane puppies, the best corso cane pups in the world.
3 reasons why I decided on the
It’s because the best race for me in the world, intelligent, powerful, loving, always aware of the family,

always waiting to work, what his master wants.
The second reason:
Powerful but moderate and balanced, a super intelligent Guardian, I often joke that he is so smart

that if there was a screw to regulate the intelligence and it would lower it a little bit, we are sometimes very, very smart.
A security guard for the family, to live with the family

Food for our Italian mastiff puppies – cane corso
The truth all that happened to me today, I can not be happier, we make our own diet, our own menu for our puppies, I do it with my hands, I clean the chicken I select the fish, this week I put more carrot to the other week I put a lot more vegetable pumpkin
It is a diet of raw meat, vegetables, fish and fruit. I really recommend it to everyone.




The price of a cane corso has been spoken many times . today I want to speak quite clearly.

What is the difference of buying a corso cane corso cane puppy for 300 euros or 6,000 euros. the difference is simple and you will see it fast, I want to do it with questions, and you will answer them to me.

The clear client, as usual, wants to pay the minimum for an Italian mastiff puppy,

but with the minimum it is impossible, buy something minimally correct and acceptable.

You want a quality Corsican puppy for 6,000 euros, and buy it from a professional breeder.

but you want to spend, because you see the protector AND ADOPTS.

You want something good paid. or do you want something that is not good?
Do you want a corso cane that is a Corsican boxer or a Corsican mastiff? then pay for anything or just do not grow

Is there a mini Cane corso Bomsai? Well pay for any things if you want something good pay with pleasure,

pay cheerful. Do you want your puppy to feed on the best? or with garbage? with 300 euros does not give,

only gives for the worst the most economic, because of course the money does not give for a super feeding,
this is super important
a Molossian of 60 kg a cane corso that his most important time (puppy season) lacks nutrients ..

they are problems in the future .. of all kinds.
of all kinds of genetic growth, articulation ect .. do you want it to be nourished with the best? or with the worst?

Do you want parents tested on health and character? or do you want the neighbor who does not know where she comes from? Do you want a guarantee? or not ?



For any breed of dog, living in a group is educational, and I think it is more impressive to see it in large breeds.
It is very nice to see many cane corso coexist together. The Cane corso can live in a group, we use the group system, the groups are not very numerous, normally 6 maximum. In the process of living in groups you have to take many factors into account.

My name is juanma morato I am from Cane corso Barcelona and this is a new article for the people of the corso cane, it is a unique content, of exceptional quality and above all told by the people of the cane corso ..

Not for a supposed expert who has neither a dog nor a Corsican cane.
Females Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff in heat

It is a very important point when dogs are in a group, not only can there be problems with the males, when they start, jealousy, but there may also be many problems among the females,

the female raises the progesterone and the character changes them, it is similar to when your girlfriend has the period, who is already looking for discussion for things, small and you notice and tell her you have the period?

and he says yes, and you think, my mother. When jealousy arrives and not only jealousy, the misgivings an cane corso,

very careful, the cane corso can live without problems, but when jealousy and jealousy comes, the hormones go up and there can be a very big fight. Therefore when it is detected, the precedo I prefer to separate them, and leave the group more balanced and without excitement. there is no doubt that if there are a male or two among the 6 individuals, there are males that are the alphas of the litter and can coexist with other males who always understand that their roll is to follow the alpha male.



Another very important point, when you have groups of corso cane is the time of the meal, there is when some individuals want to impose their hierarchy of releases, and some do not want to let others eat, sometimes there can be disputes, of course they can eat together and that’s what we do in our breeding program. The most important thing is the daily control of the time of the meal, which means, it is easy if you are 1 hour eating, you have to be an hour, controlling that the hierarchies are used correctly, and that the whole group eat together, and in harmony.

When this occurs and is normal, the process is simple and straightforward, it is very nice to see an incredible breed as big as the corso cane and see how they eat in order, all together, males, females and all in harmony, it is wonderful to see it . Ever, some people have asked me, how do you make them eat together? and I always respond, it is normal natural, the corso cane pups are born, in their daily life they see it, they grow up seeing that eating together is normal, and they grow with that naturalness, therefore it is something daily and when puppies are born see as something normal.

3- The group in harmony

There are times that the Corsican cane are like their owners, you do not know why but someone arrives, and if they tell you anything,

without doing anything to you, that someone you do not like. The cane corsa lesa happens the same,

some copies do not get along with others, so you have to know who and what you want can not be together. There is so and there is no and it is better to prevent than to cry and run to the vet it is important to have a group of related dogs,



If when we get our puppy we have other pets it is very important to know this:
a very common problem is when we have dogs in a group it is time to share affection and pampering, jealousies and hierarchies begin to revive, we must give love for hierarchies, so there will be no problems, it is more the Corsican cane are very intelligent, they can hold on and do nothing because of the owner and then behind his back, put together the problem, for something that did not like the pampering and affection.
How the puppies of Italian Mastin are born – cane corso




Today I’m going to talk about everything that involves the delivery of a puppy.
From the moment of conception, the pregnant bitch goes to another room enabled for comfort and tranquility.
It is very important that during the two months of pregnancy a calm and stress-free environment is created, where the dog can rest and eat quietly. the first step that you have to be very clear,

since situations where the dog feels in danger, nervous, frightened or any other negative feeling state, will directly affect the fetus and consequently will affect the health of the puppies.

In my case I have aimed the day that my bitches start the zeal, and about three weeks before conception and until the end of pregnancy I give supplements to ensure their health and that of the puppies.

These supplements are vitamins of group B and vitamin B9, better known as folic acid.

Everybody sounds like the word folic acid, but do we really know what it is and what it works for?

Well, I’ll give you a little explanation. Folic acid (B9) is a water-soluble vitamin accompanied by other B-complex vitamins, acting as a co-enzyme. But what is a co-enzyme? They are small molecules that are responsible

of transporting chemical groups between enzymes. Then uniting folic acid with the other vitamins of group 9, these act as a co-enzyme transported to cellular enzymes this active, where it will intervene in the formation of tissues and maintenance and formation of blood cells among other things.

But the most important thing is that it helps prevent fetal malformations, which is the main reason why I give them this supplement. It is not necessary to say that it is not only about giving them a nutritional supplement, but that in the months of gestation and after the birth the bitches have to have a balanced diet to guarantee their health.


2-Puppies of cane corso puppies or Italian Mastiff

When we are going to have a litter, and in the preparation of the delivery are the days before this.

You have to enable not only an enclosure, as I explained before but also a space where the dog can give birth and then feed their puppies. In that space there must be a certain degree of privacy, but at the same time that it is accessible in case there is some complication or if the dog needs to leave and enter

to relieve yourself or eat or take a walk. The space must be familiar, giving the dog the blanket where she always sleeps, for example. As the delivery approaches, the dog digs and accommodates that space, I call it burrowing, until she gets to have it as she finds it more comfortable.

You can see that when you are closer to delivery, the bitch’s attitude changes, she seeks my attention, but at the same time she wants to be alone, she gets restless, she licks a lot, she digs …

Among other infinities of things. Until the moment arrives. A sign, apart from all the symptoms explained above, that your dog is going to start is to measure the rectal temperature, where if it tells us that it has gone down is that the delivery is ready.

The dog will release a vaginal fluid similar to pee, but more dense and that means that in a short time you will start uterine contractions.

At first these contractions are very soft and almost not appreciated,

But the dog starts with panting, trembling and nerves, but until the first puppy is born, hours can pass, especially if she is a firstborn. After a while, the dog will increase her gasps and tremors until she notices that her belly shrinks and begins to tighten, this means that the cervix is ​​already dilated enough for the first puppy to come out. You have to be careful because sometimes they get up and get upset because they do not know very well what is happening to them.
You have to reassure them and put them in a comfortable position to continue with the birth.


One push, two and three and we have it here! A black bag with movement inside appears in the vagina, the mother breaks the bag and begins to clean her puppy, the first one has already given her respite of life.

After about ten minutes at the most, the dog expels the placenta of the calved puppy.

And now it’s time to wait maybe ½ hour for an hour to repeat the same process and go to give it

welcome the second and the third and the fourth puppy or those who come.

During this process you must have towels and blankets in hand to change them and that the dog and its puppies do not catch cold, taking away the humidity and maintaining a warm temperamental climate, controlling that the first days the temperature is at 25 degrees, with stoves or heaters, this is very important since the puppies do not regulate the body temperature, the puppies usually cry for 3 things, cold, heat or hunger.

At the same time we assure that the dog has finished the birth, that this to know previously I go to the vet and with an x-ray tells me how many puppies he will have, I help him to place the puppies so that she can nurse them.

I remove all the gadgets used during the birth and disinfect the enclosure, to avoid possible contagion to the puppies that have just given birth. When you have spent a few hours you have to feed the mother so that she can recover from all the effort she has made and so that she has enough strength for now, to raise her cubs. Then when everything has happened, I sit down to contemplate the miracle of life and relax for a few minutes and appreciate the effort and the gift that my dog ​​has given me.

Then I pay attention I observe each and every one of the puppies and I am attentive to everyone eating and developing in the same way, because if anyone is left behind you have to help him with a supplement of artificial milk. And companions, up to here the adventure of childbirth, which is undoubtedly an experience where a lot of tension is happening but then the reward is very rewarding and even more so when you see that the puppies that were born are what I expected from my hard work as a breeder.

And when you appreciate the result of the genetic selection, worked before, once again I know that what I do is not work is passion and this motivates me to next time I try to overcome even more in order to offer the best of myself and my dogs and give what our customers need.


3- Tips before the birth of the Cane Corso puppy or Italian Mastiff

Have the veterinarian’s phone on hand and talk to him in case a complication should arise.

Have prepared the farrowing, with their sticks so that they do not chafe to the puppies. Have all the material, gloves, scissors and thread disinfected to make a knot in the umbilical cord so that there are no hernias.



The cane corso is brave GUARDIAN of the family
Ready smart, attached always looking for his master
Intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced. He has a vigorous temperament, ready to work with him, he can work in any field.
With his owners and the children of the house he is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.
It is wonderful with children, since it is the best security guard for the family
He is alert to any strange situation, being quite distrustful of strangers.
He is very intelligent and sure of himself. If the training is appropriate, learn easily.
our puppies need socialization and education since childhood,
Sociabilization has to be well done, like any puppy of any race.
The cane corso is a wonderful race for the protection of the most precious family, protector, vigilant.
Corsican cane pups are smart, balanced, they need the normal socialization of any breed
For me without a doubt the best breed in the world.



Our  FACILITIES OF OUR COMPANY for our Italian mastiff puppies and our Cane corso are considered one of the best in the world.
The best Corsican cane in the world deserve the best facilities in the world.
Very wide spaces for each of our horses,

7 x15 each space are 14 spaces, with tropical wood standing 9×9 and a thickness of 3 cm, water sprinklers for heat,
in the front area everything with green electro-welded mesh, also
We are building the new Olympic pool for our cane corso,

The separations are me wood treated with pine covered with a staple separator of stainless steel. .

Of the best facilities for the best examples of cane corso.

1-a veterinary room.
2-a food store room.
3-a room for washing machines and dryers.
4-gym room for our Corsican cane.
5-room material to make the menu for our puppies.
6-room for chests and freezers for our natural diet.
7-A spectacular park for puppies, to work the sociabilizacion of the puppies.

With all kinds of toys and balls, different materials for puppies to open their minds, with different textures and materials.
all with a total of 30,000 m2
With a house exclusively, to receive our clients, with all our trophies, coffee area.
And another house for photo and housing area.
The truth a dream come true, it is impossible to feel more proud of our wonderful
paradise of the corso cane.
And give thanks to all the people who every day trust in our work with the cane corso.