The best Protection breed The Cane Corso.

what are the Differences between cane corso and Dogo Argentino ?






The cane corso and the dogo Argentino



La mejor Raza de protección , EL CANE CORSO



For protection and the Guard.

First of all we have to differentiate which is the guard?

For a farm that you do not live? For super important machinery?

For your personal protection?

You live in the country ?

Do you live in the center of madrid, mexico Df, buenos aires, Ny?

The differences are many!




First the differences are evident in the type, color and size.

If we talk about color, I think it is difficult to see a white corso cane !!

Rather the cane corso black, or gray these are the colors that dominate, the Argentinian bulldog is white par excellence.

The functions are different although the two are wonderful guard dogs, the Argentine bulldog more used to big game, hunting of large and medium prey,

also used for boar hunting.



La mejor Raza de protección , EL CANE CORSO3



The corso cane change can make the hunt although we are less used to seeing it.

For the city, and living in a big city, the two are well accustomed, although the corso cane is a race that mixes better the other races and allows them better.

The Argentinian dogo male very difficult with males and more if he has already been making crosses with females.

That for the field without much contact with other breeds Dogo is very good.

For the city, both although the corso cane is more controllable.

For the family and the children, the cane corso is the best race.

For a ship, take care of the machinery the cane corso, is very attached and should not live without the family.

The cane corso Italian is of all races the best in the world, for me.

It is for me the best race of protection for the family, with families with children it is brutal, there is no one to touch the child.

There are other incredible races, of course, such as the Brazilian line, the Argentine bulldog, the German shepherd etc.

. The cane corso wants above his family iodine, and above all the children of the family, he protects them as his children.

The cane corso has an innate guard instinct, it is something that does not need to be worked on.





Of course, if you work it will be much better it will be amazing.

The cane corso makes guard very well is very smart does not usually bite easily.

Except that he has no choice.

The cane corso has an incredible mental equilibrium, he learns very fast he knows nothing but looking at you.

Perhaps the most important feature is intelligence.

It is impressive how smart he is, above other races.

I define the cane to the Corsican

a security guard for the family. Guard for the family

For the property, and almost a human security guard, because in situations of danger he is capable of thinking, he is not a lion or a biting machine.

It is the best protection and guard race for the family.