I am Juan Manuel Morato and today I am writing to welcome X, because Brutus X-Man has come back home. It seems incredible that after all our efforts and fifteen long months of continuous fight, we already have our champion back with us. If I had to describe all what has happened until reaching this day in which I finally get it to be back in my arms again, it would be like describing the feeling that you experience when you are going up in a rollercoaster. When they snatched my dog I felt deceived, sad, angry, remorseful… And as time went by the frustration in me grew and the emotional impact that caused me the loss of X increased relentlessly. My attempts to recover it were unstoppable because in me I felt that X would come back with me.

And this day has arrived. When I saw it, I wished to touch it, embrace it, kiss it… Make it feel how much I missed it, but X brought with him a sentimental baggage and at first it emotionally cost him a lot to go back the way he was.

But our bond revived and went back to normal, just like how the Phoenix rises back from his flames, a new bond being born with a lot of courage and hope. Now X is back to being himself. A dog with an unbeatable power, full of goodness, with an unbeatable intelligence, well… X is the clear and perfect example of the Cane Corso.

X is special and now I can finally say loud and clear that Brutus X-man is my dog and that has gone back to his home. If the truth is that the magic of Christmas exists, I can confirm that in this year I have been able to experience it in first person, because now I feel complete, because they have returned me that part of me, because now I have with me my dog, my champion, my companion, my X.

Juan Manuel Morato.


I am Juan Manuel Morato, owner of Brutus X-man.

Today I want to write a few words about my love, my X as I call it.

The true story of a living legend in our beloved breed cane corso.

X-man is not only Important Because It is a spectacular cane corso is Important Because It is my staff dog, world champion 2015 Milan, the world champion gray, the dog best examples Given in the race (the offspring of x-man is exceptional ) famous cane Corsicans as best in show CH Quilo the mirage of torrelllas, Ch Lionel messi the mirage of Torrellas, Best in show Ch Uracan the mirage of Torrellas and many more.

It is one of the Most Important Corsicans cane in the history of our race and has a story to tell.
Brutus as it is called in the pedigrees for us always X, born in Spain on 05/02/2013 was born at home in a brooder no person named Ana santaella Cadiz Spain, the result of two dogs WHO bought Ana, one in Spain and another in France nacho a historical litter litter of x-man.

Ana Contacted me to help him sell the puppies, at first I said no, it did not seem feasible I sell other people’s dogs, can Promote mine, in the end we Agreed, and Told Him That Helped Him place puppies if I rewarded With something Ana yes, yes and I was X-man gift.

Since i had in my arms to bond between us That Never break, from puppyhood saw His potential and I dedicated myself body and soul to it was created. Soon Began to excel in dog shows, all our work was Reflected When the Wordl Dog Show 2015 Milan World Beauty Champion and Champion Group 2 in the world proclaimed, getting to be 3` in the best in show races italinanas.

Travel to the United States in May This year at the International Exhibition Extravaganza Show in Ohio 2016, in Which x-man won more than 300 cane corso and won the Most Important exhibition of the year in use, with deceit and lies a family of Americans Have retained my dog, and getting to leave the dog in USA to Promote it.

When I arrived in Spain I Learned That These people did not intend to bring my X-man, the case is in federal court, we have a website for financial support of esta process.