Cane corso, wonderful litter


One of our best best litters… of a spectacular female type, bone structure character.. .and one of the best players in the world

bis ch hurricane, son of world champion brutus x-man

Hurricane is a marvel of Corso, beauty champion and best in show in different countries, is distinguished by its spectacular character and character that permeates their litters. It is direct descent from world champion and for my best player of all time x-man or Brutus according to the pedigree.
Hurricane was born in Spain on August 09, 2014. It has always been a dog very special at home, since he was born was created a magical bond that will never break.

More than ten years of experience in sale of Corsican cane, selecting temperament and potential fisicopara currently having spectacular specimens for breeding of litters. Our breed is a responsible and family farming, we don’t have cages, our dogs live in groups, they eat together, and enjoying sport and a healthy and happy life. We feed our dogs with meat, vegetables and fish Barf diet natural. If you are looking for a place of cane corso for sale, this is your place. You can enjoy a cane corso, the Cane Corso Italiano is brave, fearless, tenacious, proud, and balanced. He has a temperament that is vigorous, ready for any challenge.
With their owners and the children of the home it is docile, affectionate, loyal and protective.
Is alert to any strange situation, being rather distrustful with strangers.
It is very intelligent and self-confident. If the training is adequate, it learns easily.
Cane Corso requires education and socialization from an early age.

Since they are very small start with fundamental processes of socialization for their good development. puppies from this litter all grey… reservations are accepted, delivery is for the beginning of November.