Italian Cane Corso is a smart dog, energetic and balanced, is an incomparable dog guard and defense. Docile and affectionate with the owner, lover of children and the family, if it is necessary becomes a brave defender of people, the House and property. It is easily trainable.

Research on El Cane Corso Italian character skills specific del Corso, stand out the combativeness, docility and sociability; all together shapes what we know as El Cane Corso Italian “balanced dog” or “dog with an optimum balance of nervous”. This concept implies that the Italian Cane Corso is aware of their own physical media and for this reason using force only if it considers that it is in danger of its owner (family) or good (e.g. House, car) which is under surveillance and guards. It can facilitate more information on channel YouTube videos

More than ten years of experience in sale of Corsican cane, selecting temperament and potential fisicopara currently having spectacular specimens for breeding of litters.

“You don’t do what we like, but that we like what we do, which makes life a blessing”
Our passion with the cane corso was born 10 years ago, we founded the affix ‘La mirage of torrellas’ becoming short in one of the best affixes of cane corso in the world.

Our way of raising is an offspring of the Cane Corso Italian family and responsible, we don’t have cages, our dogs live in groups, they eat together, and enjoying sport and a healthy and happy life.
We feed ours. Italian Cane Corso with meat, fish and vegetable diet natural Barf. If you are looking for a place of cane corso for sale, this is your s