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1 stages of socialization of our puppies video 25 about cane corso cane corso italiano


to begin to socialize our dogs, to touch them, to hear noise, many people ect ..

cane corso sale sociabilizacion I want to know about cane corso 23 mor … cane corso italiano I want to know more about cane corso italian video 1 presentation look all my videos Cane corso italiano mastin italian mastiff Video 17 more about cane corso El Cane Corso Italiano It is a smart dog, energetic and balanced, is an incomparable dog guard and defense, the best for the family. Docile and affectionate with the owner, lover of children and the family ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THE BEST BREED puppy cane corso italiano Cane corso italiano mastin italiano italian mastiff The cane corso is both a quiet companion at home and a sportsman indefatigable outside. Safe in family, is affectionate without being dependent. The Cane Corso is a sober watchdog. Very receptive to obedience. Also, a little dominant dog. Tolerant also with their counterparts, even if they are of the same The cane corso was selected by the Italian farmers to protect their properties, their cattle, even as shepherd dog or dog of grab. That is why today is a versatile dog, with a very marked character. The cane corso is balanced, with great aptitude for the guard and under hunting instinct, little dominant, very affectionate with his family to which he feels very attached, calm, little barking, confident of itself, but attentive and suspicious with the strangers. Conscious of its size and power, the cane corso is usually calm and only in case of real need before a danger, acts and attacks. Above all dog for the family on guard, for protection of the family. Welcome to the world of juan Manuel morato The world of cane corso