The Cane Corso Italiano is brave GUARDIAN of the family smart, clever, always looking for his master Intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced.


some example to the worls ch brutus X-man , all our line works in X-man

he is a super top.

no words, enjoy of this video.

why canecorso italian mastiff

why canecorso italian mastiff

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has a vigorous temperament, ready to work with him, he can work in any field.

With his owners and the children of the house he is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.

It is wonderful with children, since the cane corso is a family dog. He is alert to any strange situation, being quite distrustful of strangers.

THE CANE CORSO  is very intelligent and sure of himself.

If the training is right, learn easily.

The  Cane Corso requires socialization and education since childhood, Socialization has to be well done, like any puppy of any race.

the cane corso is a fantastic race to protect the family, protector, vigilant. corso cane puppies are intriguing, balanced, need the normal socialization of any race “It’s not doing what we like, but we like what we do, which makes life a blessing” Our passion with the cane corso was born 10 years ago and so, it becomes shortly in one of the best affixes of cane corso in the world. undoubtedly the best race in the world,

thanks for trust in our work with the best breed

why canecorso italian mastiff

why canecorso italian mastiff

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