where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England

//where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England
  • where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England

where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England

Today if you are interested in buy a Cane Corso puppy in Norfolk, England, Uk. You are in the right place and in the perfect place to have your wonderful Cane Corso puppy in in Norfolk, England, Uk United kingdom. We work with the best bloodline the world champion X-man line. We have happy clients in all parts of England, Uk, United kingdom, in London, also in  Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Bristol, and also Birmingham. Today I want to explain and train you, so that you have all the information about the best breed in the world the Cane Corso. Today I am going to explain to you so that you have more information about what the Cane Corso is like. The Cane Corso is a large dog, it is a powerful dog, it is a strong dog, it is an elegant dog, but the Cane Corso is a dog that is well proportioned. The Corso is a dog with a rectangular trunk, which means that it is a little longer than it is tall. From the head, note for example that the nose of the Cane Corso is a nose that makes three times the length of the head. On the head it is also important to see the characteristics and type of Cane Corso, the lips of the Cane Corso hang in a u-shape and would never be V-shaped. The nose of the Cane Corso is black. The height in the standard of the cane corso is for a male is about 64 to 68 cm and although the standard usually states that a male is between 45 and 55 kilos the truth is that it is not a reference because all the last world champions of beauty for example they have passed the 60 and 65 kilos therefore the standard is a little bit out of whack of what is the reality of the Cane Corso of the males for example,


where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England

where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England


The Cane Corso Female for me is my favorite because it has more guard instinct learn more Quick, Although the female of the Cane Corso is smaller in size for me it has more intelligence, more spark and more Power, and it is not like the male character that takes longer to mature as if we were saying. The Cane Corso is receptive to orders and is a dog that is easy to train, it is easy with four tips, a Cane Corso can be educated, the important thing is the socialization process, the Cane Corso has to do a good socialization process so so the puppies are not afraid and can enjoy a wonderful puppy. The breed only has positive things, the truth is that it does not have negative points, another of the very important positive points is in the character of the Cane Corso, it is a very very intelligent dog, I would say that of the breeds that I have touched, the most intelligent breed is Cane Corso looks at you and reads your gaze knows everything. The Italian Cane Corso is a very energetic dog that requires a little exercise and has a medium level of energy indoors and out as it needs its walks in your city in Norfolk, England, Uk.  The cane corso has a powerful muscle mass and is an ideal dog to make companions for all kinds of training, such as walks and jogging in the mountains, going to the beach is wonderful. The Cane Corso, I always say that it is the Ferrari of dogs because it is a powerful dog but with mental balance, I always like to do this metaphor because the Cane Corso’s mental and balance is for me one of the most special things I have seen never. The Cane Corso can be trained to do any type of activity, such as agility, jumping in the pool, circuits, all kinds of defense work, etc. etc. The Cane Corso requires a series of cares on the hair, it has short hair and it requires one brushing per week most of the year, when it is time to wet the hair, it is convenient to brush them several times a week and thus eliminate all the issue of dead hair more easily. The citizens, and the bathroom of the Cane Corso and the nail clippers are recommended to be once a month and of course obviously within the activity of each and Cane Corso and the growth of the nails a dog that does a lot of exercise will spend a lot of nails and obviously you won’t have to cut them as often. A dog that is in an apartment and doesn’t go out much will obviously have longer nails without much wear and tear. In the origins of the Cane Corso it descends from the Roman dog, It comes from the word Cohors, which in Latin means guardian protection, as the word says already in the Roman age towards the functions of protecting, at this time it was a much more fierce dog and It had the functionality of being in the front line of battle and with the big game of the wolf and the bear. The Cane Corso is a breed that comes from Italy, more specifically from Puglia, a city close to those who do not know close to Rome in the 10th century, the Cane Corso began to perform functions as a hunter, that of Guardians that of protector is a typical dog of the farmhouses and field of Italian families in the 20th century the breed was on the verge of extinction but a large number of lovers around the 70s recovered the breed and created the the first standard of Corsican meat. Well, as we have explained before, the Cane Corso that comes from the Roman dog that was a dog for war with an impressively fierce character gradually changed its functionality and today we have come to explain that it was on the verge of extinction in the past. that of the 70s in 1970 and in the Italian farmhouses the cane corso, had a function of protection especially from heavy machinery, also evidently of protecting the property the old Italian farmhouse the country farmhouses and a little bit of big game hunting as well and so little by little that one. Today the functionalities have happened that today in 2020 thank God we have a dog with a guard instinct and incredible power but very very very mentally balanced and that can do the guard of the family and children this is A blessing since it is as if it were a human security guard, I always say that the Cane Corso for me is the Ferrari of the one of the dogs because it is power and balance at the highest level very similar to a super Ferrari. Regarding the family, the children, the Cane Corso is for me one of the most stable races that I know, I have never been with the Cane Corso for 15 years and I have seen how the Cane Corso played with the children, sometimes the small children have heavy games and the Cane Corso endures everything, and when he really is very tired, never a bad gesture, a bad face gets up and goes somewhere else to be left alone. The truth is that the patience that the Cane Corso has with the children and the family is incredible, I only find positive points to tell you about what for me is the best breed in the world, I hope you like it and that soon you have one of our puppies. Cane Corso in your city in Norfolk, England, Uk.

where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England1

where buy canecorsos in Norfolk and breeders of italian mastiff in Uk England

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