Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin

//Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin
  • Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin

Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin

Today if you are interested in buy a Cane Corso, we have for sale cane corso puppies best qualitty in Madison, Wisconsin. We have the best quality of cane corso puppies in Madison, Wisconsin. We are breeders of cane corso in Madison, Wisconsin, We work with the bloodline of the world champion X-man. We now have for buy female Cane Corso puppies for sale in Madison, Wisconsin , and Male Cane Corso puppies to buy, black cane corso puppies, and blue or gray Cane Corso puppies. I want to explain more things about this wonderful Race. The Cane Corso Italiano is for me the best Rafa in the world not intelligent, a breed of guard, and of course with the DNA of the great fierce dog Románo. The Italian Cane Corso is a dog that descends from Roman times, the Roman dog was used in the coliseum and was also a dog that was in the front line of combat. It was also used for big game hunting, especially for bear hunting and very large animals, it was a really fierce dog with a brutal character. There are many sayings of that time, many sayings They have remained from that time, you have a bite worse than that of a Cane Corso. One of the most important characteristics of the Roman dog was its physical power, its fierceness and impressive voracity. dog hand on top of a bull prey of a bear and also attacking in the front line of battle, it was almost a sword in which the Roman soldiers of the first rank threw their Roman dogs against their opponents. The Cane Corso was almost about to disappear. Until in the 70s a small group of breed lovers recovered the cane corso. They were difficult times for the breed because there were few specimens, and the recovery process was difficult. The Cane Corso at that time had a different functionality was used in this at this time to keep the farmhouses of the peasants, and to store heavy machinery.


Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin

Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin


The cane corso was a dog to keep cattle, therefore it had already lost a little bit of that fierceness. At this time I was already starting to make the family and guard dog in Italian farmhouses. From this time of recovery we have as very important the basic bad brothers who made available to these lovers who in the 70s wanted to recover the breed their German shepherd kennel, they were part of the kennel so that serious work could be done and Cane Corso could be created with the few specimens that existed, people who were very lovers of Cane Corso such as Morciani who was the writer of the first Cane Corso standard such as vito indiveri, Pablo breder, and many more lovers came together. The Cane Corso always had a very strong character and a very good guard instinct. Today in 2020 the Cane Corso has changed the function. Today the Cane Corso is the best breed for the guard of the family and children in Madison, Wisconsin. Little by little the breeders have been selecting specimens a little more excessive, and the character of the Cane Corsose has been softening that strong character. Generation after generation, the character of the cane corso has been improving and today it is super stable, mentally speaking, that’s why we always compare the Cane Corso with a power Ferrari with control. Today, El Cane Corso, is a dog that is very very fixed in the sense of guard and protection. It is a dog that can be very well with your family with your children and it is wonderful, It is very nice to see how much patience a Cane Corso has with young children and it is attentive good and above all, it endures very well sometimes the heavy games of children, I never saw a bad gesture in 15 years. The Cane Corso has in his DNA the guard because his ancestors are the Roman dog, with that instinct of brutal protective guard and a strong character that only takes him out in the Limit Moments. A watchdog for you in Madison, Wisconsin, the cane corso is an intelligent dog, very intelligent, a powerful dog a balanced dog a dog with a lot of bone. The Cane Corso is capable of going from zero to 100 in one second and with the voice of its master going down from 100 to zero in another second, it is super super faithful and super educated. The cane corso moves like a panther and slides like a black panther, its movement is beautiful, it is beautiful, it is wonderful. Seeing the Cane Corso in motion is a joy, it is like seeing a panther, moving. There are many breeders who are putting more weight on the cane corso and then many times it has created a little discrepancy. By adding more weight and size to the Cane Corso, some Corsicans have lost that feline movement, that panther movement. In my opinion, there was a very important moment that was being debated to reform the Cane Corso standard and very important people like Massimo Inzoli, they did not want to get their hands on the weight of the Cane Corso, which is one of the things that for me way of seeing is a is a personal opinion should have changed because today a male who in the standard weighs 50 kilos there is no no world champion for 10 years weighing less than at least 65 kilos. It is obvious that the Cane Corso is gaining more size and more bone if but without losing that essence of the feline movement. We have Cane Corso puppies, what are you waiting for we are in Barcelona. We have been breeders of cane corsi for 15 years we have puppies available now and we have the best Cane Corso bloodline in the world the world champion x-Man. X-man cane corso is legend of the breed Cane Corso a dog that improves what he gives, in puppies he gives a quality and many times they are photocopies of his quality. It is so difficult for a world champion to be a world champion and also one of the best breeders in the history of the Cane Corso breed. We will be happy to choose your wonderful puppy blue for you, in Madison, Wisconsin.


Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin1

Where buy cane corso puppies and breeders of cane corso in Madison Wisconsin

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