where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA

//where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA
  • where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA

where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA

If you are interested in buying a Cane Corso puppy in Hayward, CA, California. You are in the place again and on the Cane Corso barcelona website. We work with the best bloodline the world champion X-Man. He will be world champion, he gives us gray and blue cubs and he also gives us black Cane Corso cubs. We have Cane Corso puppies sold today in all parts of the world also San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Washington, Arlington, Alexandria, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Mass, Anchorage, Urban Honolulu, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Lexington Park, Trenton, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Fairbanks, Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Manchester, Nashua, Napa, Boulder, Santa Rosa, Vallejo-Fairfield, Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, New York-Newark-Jersey City, Raleigh. Today is I am going to explain what a day is in our wonderful paradise for Cane Corso. We have incredible facilities, one of the best in the world of Cane corso, just tell you that we have 20,000 m2 super optimized for anything that arises related to the Cane Corso. Five years ago we undertook a wonderful journey, to begin the work of what I would say is one of the most important facilities worldwide for dogs. We have rooms and space for everything, for sports, freezers, refrigerators for natural food, we also have rooms for all the material for storage, we have an exclusive house to receive customers. One of the best facilities for cane corso in the world. It is wonderful to be in our Cane Corso paradise. Every day is a dream. Today I am going to explain what a day is like in our paradise.


where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA

where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA


Well the day starts at eight in the morning and what we do is open the cane corso from the night areas to the day areas because we have a difference between the night areas and the day areas, so we go dog by dog ​​placing them in their stays, by day. These would be like the most spacious areas, like a lot of space to run, then we open the puppies and start preparing the puppies’ food, breakfast. We breakfast is the most important part of the food and the feeding process of all our dogs. The breakfast of the puppies consists of a probiotic that would be either kefir or yogurt depending on what we have in the fridges, it would consist of yogurt or kefir, one egg for each bowl and it would also be a tablespoon of honey. Many times we also crush Maria cookies and put them on to make breakfast more consistent. This is repeated every morning with the puppies and then a unit bowl is made for each adult dog I mean. We finish all this and we start to check that all the dogs are ok. Every day we get up to be better and do our work a little better because of that, we try to be better and better every day. We work every day with the Character of our puppies. If there is a dog that has a problem we begin to treat it and through our veterinary services we will solve it. Then we proceed to the topic of daily cleaning and disinfection, there are marked days of daily disinfection and weekly deep disinfection. We also have areas prepared for the summer with sprinkler irrigation and areas to cool our dogs on the days when it is hotter. The cleaning of the facilities and the disinfection of the night rooms are done daily and all the disinfection of the day areas, you have to take the feces clean everything, any misalignment and above all change the water every day daily. Then we work with show dogs brushing theme, walk theme and normally we have a tape where we put the show dogs to do much more sport. We get up for the day to be better and every day do our work with all the details, because what moves us is that our customers are more satisfied with our puppies every day to send you what is at in Hayward, CA, California. Then it is already lunchtime, and we rest for an hour. After the one-hour break, the natural food plays, and we vary between the minced natural meat or a dish either cased with puree, casing with fish, fruit puree etc. etc. Then we proceed to the second intake of the puppies, which is usually the special crushing that we do, which already has meat, carries fish, carries fruit and also carries vegetables, we check that all the dogs, all the little puppies, are all eating to see that there is no one who is ill and who has no appetite when in Cachorro he has no appetite is a bad sign. It is important that each puppy has the right weight and that they are reaching their ideal weight every day. Afterwards we take a coffee a small shot and at seven we give the last shot to the adult dogs and the puppies and we proceed to take all the adults to the night area, after eight we take out four adult dogs so that they are circulating around The entire hatchery so you can stand guard throughout the compound and this would be the entire operation and how our day would end in our paradise at Cane Corso. We have international transportation for our pets, we work with the best professional shipping company which takes care of each and every detail of the entire shipping process. At this moment we have a new litter that has just been born this week from the world champion X-Man, We will be delighted to send you a wonderful Cane Corso Puppy to your city so that your family in Hayward, CA, California, enjoy all our work from 15 years with the Cane Corso.

where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA1

where buy cane corso in Hayward and for sale Cane corso puppies in CA

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