The best Cane corso4

The best Cane corso4

X-Man, the legend. The first day I saw you I knew you were so and so special I knew that something in my life was going to change, you grew up

and show us the hundreds of skills you have, you grew fast and beautiful, you were superb, shocking, and sweet with you
I have shared unparalleled moments in this journey called life, that today you are my son of the soul, my guardian of my empire,
I told myself not to protest, work, work, work, water, fertilize and your dreams will grow, today I look at you and I look at you and I do not stop contemplating how beautiful you are. You are big tete.
The best Cane corso2

The best Cane corso2

Letter to my X-man, world champion and legend of Cane Corso.
Today is a great day you are in the right place to look for your wonderful puppy of Cane Corso of the test line in Barcelona we are creators of Cane Corso in Barcelona.
If you want to buy a Cane Corso this is the ideal place today you have the opportunity to buy the best puppies of Canecorso.
Here we have the Cane Corso tops that exist worldwide, the best quality of Cane Corso puppies in the world here, direct children of the best of the best.
This the right place you are at the special site at best.
When you want to buy a new family member, almost as a child it is very important to buy it in a place where the conditions of health and responsibility for the puppies,
also that the puppies are of an impressive quality, of course also that the parents are well tested
The best Cane corso3

The best Cane corso3

A place where puppies are well cared for and healthy and have guarantees, it is very very important to choose the breeder where you are going to buy has to be a site
Here you have our wonderful work with the cane corso 15 years working to spread the breed.
The breeder has to know his work perfectly.
The work of socializing the dog, the puppy and the breeder has to be a very professional breeder and
You have to know your job perfectly so that when you deliver the puppy.
So the puppy will be a blessing be a wonder and on the contrary it will be a bad experience about Cane Corso because the well-worked and well-worked Cane Corso is the best breed in the world.
How many happy customers all over the world that is why we recommend the best bloodline to the world champion X-Man.
 Today you have to decide on the Italian Cane Corso of Cane corso Barcelona I hope you decide how it works we work with the best
bloodline The world champion X-Man line that is today the living legend and the most important dog of Cane Corso the best dog in the world.
The best Cane corso

The best Cane corso

It is a dog that apart from being world champion for the quality of puppies that is giving the best puppies in the world.
What can be explained directly is something incredible in the quality in the health character that gives the puppies is today
I repeat legend alive in Cane Corso it will take many many years to have a Cane Corso not only because of its quality but because of the quality
that transmits to puppies is a better dog better.
After making the payment by bank account or Wester union we proceed to make all the procedures for shipping by international cargo transport,
we do the whole process we take care of the whole process, everything you need, both vaccines and certificates all that is needed
so that your puppy arrives at the airport of your city with your identification your passport.
So you can pick up your puppy and only you and you can pick up that puppy so you have all the security,
The best Cane corso6

The best Cane corso6

that only you are going to pick it up, all the documentation and the whole issue of pedigree certified parents vaccines are done
arrive with the puppy we feed our dogs with natural diet we do diet bar is a natural diet that we believe and understand
which is the best diet for Cane Corso what is best for Cane Corso Cane Corso with this diet is in the best conditions in the world
It is a diet that we have been doing for 15 years and from parents to children Genetically that gives a few conditions
of unbeatable health so that you the puppies and the Cane Corso are in the best conditions.