If you are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog in Derby, England you will surely be interested in knowing what factors are involved in its selling price. Follow the link below to buy it.

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We are one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Derby, England and this is due to the years of experience we have living together and participating in the development of many puppies.

The dogs in our kennel come from the international champion X- Man, so we can assure you that you will buy one of the best Cane Corso dogs in the world.

This article arises because I recently spoke with a boy who saw the videos I have on YouTube and he told me that he was very happy with the information he found about the breed on my channel.

The boy told me that he was interested in buying a Cane Corso but that he did not understand why on the web he found such different prices about the breed, some prices were too cheap and others too high, why does this happen?

The answer I gave him I want to share in my blog, there are 7 aspects for this to happen, I will mention them below.

7 aspects that influence the price of a Cane Corso in Derby England

1.The quality: Cane Corso is a young pedigree breed, when you have experience with this breed you know very well when it is pedigree and when it is not. On repeated occasions I have seen dogs that appear to be Cane Corso but are not 100% Cane Corso, many are mixed.

There is a major crisis at international level in terms of the quality of Cane Corso, in the world there are about 3 kennels that have real Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff dogs, but usually only 2 or 3 puppies from the litters come out 100% purebred.

2. The costs: the best kennels for Cane Corso dogs in Derby, England, like us, invest a great deal of money in getting mount dogs. For example, I sometimes find candidates for dogs that look very good in photos but it is necessary to travel to check the purity of the breed. I have travelled to many parts of the world such as Serbia, Russia, the United States, etc. sometimes I have pleasant surprises when I see the dog in person but many times I have also been disappointed because the dog is not what I was initially shown.

For my part I always look for quality and to do this I have to make a cross between the best pedigree dogs, I travel the world looking for them!

3. Children of the world champion: In our kennel you will find puppies that come from X-Man, the world champion since 2015 of this breed, is a very attractive dog, grey in colour and that offers a brutal quality in the specimens.

It was quite a job for me to get X-Man to be world champion, this achievement makes us one of the most important reference of the Cane Corso breed.

4. The feeding: it is not the same to give a Cane Corso a good quality feeding as the cheapest feed in the market. In our kennel I make a menu, accompanied by another person, where we take a whole day to make about 100 kilos, this includes crushed, vegetables, apple, fish, tuna, coconut oil, among others.

This is also a matter of love and commitment for our dogs. Therefore, natural food is much more expensive than giving them any kind of ready-made food.

5. 24-hour dedication: there are people who only have half an hour to look after their puppies because they do it after their other tasks or jobs. These are people who do not have time to give them the proper education, to provide them with socialization tools and other care.

It’s not a question of leaving them alone in a garden, you have to make a place suitable for them and have time. It is essential to accompany the puppy so that as an adult it has a balanced temperament and can have a good socialisation with other people and with other dogs or animals.

If the Cane Corso does not have a good companion from the beginning, it is the owners who are responsible for these problems. For example, they may have adult dogs weighing 70 kilos that are fearful or aggressive because they have not been worked on in their 0-5 month stage of sociabilisation.

6. Guarantees and legal invoices: for my part I have always implemented legality in the kennel, if you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Derby, England I will give you a contract and legal invoice where you will have all the relevant guarantees.

7. All the equipment behind it: the facilities where the dogs live and are bred must be properly adequate, in our kennel we have ample space, they have a specially built park for their entertainment and training. They have a swimming pool, tunnels, ball games, etc.

These same explanations were given to the boy I spoke to and he understood perfectly why we offer