You’ve probably wondered why your dog’s pads get sores and how to cure or prevent them.

Dogs’ pads are like human slippers. Thanks to these pads your dog avoids many bone problems, as these pads cushion the footprint when running or playing so the joints do not suffer so much.

Why do dogs get sores on their pads?

The dog’s pads are quite hard and are prepared to withstand a lot of trotting, but injuries can occur due to the state of the ground or the condition of his pads.

Injuries to the pads due to physical exercise

We must be careful not to overdo it with the physical exercise of your cane corso, because too much friction with the ground continuously can cause wounds in the pad of your dog.

It is also possible that the opposite may happen, that wounds may appear due to lack of exercise, because the pads become very soft if the dog does not exercise much, therefore its pads will be very soft and wounds will be created more quickly.

Erosion wounds on pads

Canine paw wounds caused by erosion are the most common, they are wounds on the soles of your dog’s paws.

These wounds are caused by the type of ground your pet walks on. Harder, rougher floors are more likely to cause damage to the soles of your dog’s paws.

Burn wounds on the footpads

En verano, cuando hace mucha calor nuestra mascota podría quemarse las almohadillas si estuviera mucho rato en una superficie que haya estado mucho rato al sol.

El asfalto, planchas de acero o aluminio, mármoles, etc.. son suelos que podrían producirles alguna quemadura en sus almohadillas.

También nos sucede lo mismo en invierno, si peludo no está acostumbrado a correr por la nieve, ten mucho cuidado porque el hielo podría producirle también heridas en las almohadillas de sus patas.

Si sigues estas recomendaciones podrás evitar en la medida de lo posible que tu cane corso o mastín italiano tenga heridas en las almohadillas.

How to cure dogs’ pads

We are going to tell you how to heal the pads of dogs’ paws if your dog gets a wound. If the wound is deep, you should go to the vet as soon as possible.

If the wounds, such as cuts or burns, are superficial, we can cure a dog’s paw pads at home:

Wash the cut or scratch with plenty of water to remove any residue.
If you have hydrogen peroxide, apply a little and then dry the wound with sterile gauze.
Put some pet iodine on a piece of gauze and apply it to the wound.
As this kind of wound is always in contact with the ground, it will need to be protected with a bandage.
Healing ointment is available for your pet’s pads.
If your dog licks his paw pads a lot, put an Elizabethan collar on him to prevent him from removing the bandage.

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