The feeding of cane corso puppies is very important for their future health. We as breeders of Cane Corso dogs take it very seriously, for this reason the diet of a cane corso has to be very varied.

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How we feed our Cane Corso

There are days that we feed animal protein from chicken that we only use
the part of the neck and the part of the breast where all the protein is.
We also vary the diet to prepare mashed food with veal, chicken, apple, tuna, peas, offal, honey, etc.

The best diet for cane corso dogs in Glasgow Scotland

One of the best diets for puppies and cane corso dogs is the natural diet. In addition to chicken, beef, dairy and vegetables, we incorporate boneless or minced fish to provide cane corso puppies with omega 3 which is very healthy for the heart and for general health. We also add salmon oil to all meals to increase the omega 3 content.

This omega 3 makes the cane corso’s coat super shiny and his overall health is very good.

Is dog food good for dogs?

We as breeders of cane corso dogs bet for the natural food, we do not give them treated feed because we do not know exactly what is in it.
We always recommend the naturar diet which is the one that can give the most protein and vitamins to your cane corso dog.

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Barf diet for the cane corso

The natural raw food or BARF diet is the most recommended for dogs because of their carnivorous nature. It naturally provides the necessary nutrients to be healthy and strong.
This is the diet that we as breeders of cane corso recommend for your puppy to be very healthy and live for many years.

Cane corso puppies for sale in Glasgow Scotland

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