Our Cane corsos, Cane corso is medium to large in size, very robust and strong, but elegant at the same time.

We are in Barcelona, Spain, and we ship Cane Corso over the world.

We have Cane Corsos for sale and we can ship to Phoenix, Arizona.

Ours Cane Corso Italiano in Phoenix, Arizona are with body is strong and robust, but not chubby.

We have 20 years working in the character of ours Cane Corsos. The bests Cane Corsos in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Cane Corso are very good guardians, whether to protect the family or property. Qualities related to hunting and livestock are also sought.

Our Cane Corsos in Phoenix, Arizona are very protective.

They create a very close bond with your family, especially with the children, whom you care for and protect.

Unlike other dogs of these characteristics, the Corso Cane is exceptionally patient and careful, watches the movements with the smallest ones so as not to damage them. It is also a dog very athletic, loves to exercise, so it is ideal for active families and experienced in basic obedience and dog handling. On the contrary, at home it is usually quite calm. We love our Cane Corso in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is distant with strangers and they are usually very sure of themselves, acting in a proportionate way at all times. Do not forget that this description may vary depending on the education received by the dog, however these are some general guidelines of the behavior that usually shows.

How we work?

We work with the best professional company of cargo ship, after puppy is ready for send to Phoenix, Arizona, we do all the documents for the ship, and we prepared all the documents for the custom.

After the payment is ready, we need around 2 or 3 day for your puppy arrived to your home. we do all, the custom, the documents ( internacional passport, and a healthy certification ), we have bill and guarantee of healthy 1 year.

We have many many friends and good clients in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are some questions, that the clients normally have:

1) Can Cane Corso do sport?

The Cane Corso can play sports and can do long runs, never in puppy age, because the bones muscles are not prepared.

After 15 months, the Cane Corso can do long walks, run time on the beach.

And enjoy the sport with your wonderful Cane Corso.

2) My Cane Corso puppy loses many hair?

The Cane Corso puppy is not a race that loses hair especially, only in the times of molting, the best thing is that the Cane Corso has short hair, It is a hair that does not react to allergic people.

Therefore it is wonderful to be inside the house.

I must say that it is THE BEST RACE, everything is good.

3) Is Cane Corso like an Dogo Argentino?

The Cane Corso today, I specify this because the Cane Corso in the 90s, the males used to weigh about 50 kg maximum, the standard picks up until now, the Cane Corso has been evolving and little by little has been gaining weight, I would say that we are almost in the 60kg of a male.

Therefore greater than the Dogo Argentine, the Corso Cane is not excessive, can coexist with other breeds, the dogo many times can not do it, the Cane Corso has no problems and arrives at a puppy house and has a small dog but of legal age, and the Cane Corso lets him rule.

He is very sure of himself and that gives him that balance.

4) How is the Cane Corso with my children?

Your Cane Corso pup will be spectacular with the children.

Is a wonderful breed, they have very good socialization.

We bring our 3 year old and 6 year old nephews home, the puppies and they play, they go crazy, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy those wonderful moments.