Today I want to share with you an article with essential information for those people who are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog in Wolverhampton Midlands, England. Many people already know that I am in love with this breed, that I know very much about the Italian Mastiff from the experience I have had for so many years sharing with them.

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The Cane Corso is for me the best breed in the world, it is a powerful but balanced dog, it has an overflowing intelligence, it is a family dog that loves to protect all the members of the household and share with them. Therefore, it is not a dog that enjoys being alone in a field, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff needs contact with people.

Every day people ask me many questions about this breed, even when they are not very knowledgeable about it they are surprised by the amount of qualities that the Cane Corso has, do you want to know what they are? I invite you to discover them below.

Qualities of the Cane Corso Wolverhampton Midlands

1.The security of the Italian Mastiff: it is a very confident dog, has a lot of firmness and a great bearing. This is one of the aspects that I find most striking. It’s a very evident quality that you capture from the first time you see him.

2. He is imposing: his imposing nature is devastating and is due to the sum of other qualities such as his aesthetics, his height and his musculature. The most impressive thing about Cane Corso is that at the same time he is a very sweet dog, not at all excessive, always looking for contact with people and generating a very special bond with families.

3. Nobility: when you see him for the first time you never imagine that behind that figure of imposing you also find a very exaggeratedly noble breed. When you approach them and are in contact with them you perceive it almost immediately, they really are spectacular.

4. It is too intelligent: it is incredible the capacity of learning that they have and the speed with which they do it. If you are not careful, you will be the smartest person in the house. It is even surprising how in a short time he learns things and even anticipates them because he learns to analyse situations very well.

5. Energetic and agile: He has a lot of power and at the same time a lot of skill, he can jump up to almost 2 meters high, he looks like a flying panther. Obviously there are other more agile breeds but when you see a big and robust breed like Cane Corso you cannot imagine that he is also agile.

6. It has a very balanced character: Cane Corso is a breed that can go from 100 to 0 in excitement if you order it, that is to say, it can be at the limit of adrenaline, playing and having fun in the park and then stay still and calm if you give the order. It is a breed that has a lot of control over itself, it knows how to behave in the family and I can even assure you that when a Cane Corso is with the children it never attacks them and when they try to do a lot of mischief the Cane Corso prefers to stay away. I am telling you this because I have experienced it myself with my nephews and my dogs.

It is the great guardian of the family: it is a breed that loves to be with its family and that also takes care of protecting it. The great advantage of the Cane Corso’s guide is that it is not an aggressive guard, what the dog does is warn the family that there is a stranger nearby. You will not have any problems because he bites a neighbour, this attitude is not very usual in the Cane Corso.

7. It coexists with other breeds: as I mentioned above the Cane Corso is an imposing dog but if you already have another pet in the house the Italian Mastiff easily adapts to the rules of the house and to those imposed by the dog or cat that will be its companion. It may take a few days when the adaptation is totally perfect but the Cane Corso is a patient and calm dog so you will not have problems.

The Cane Corso is my favourite breed of all the dogs in the world, I have always been interested in getting to know them, I have done a lot of research on them but above all I live with many dogs on a daily basis and this is the greatest experience and source of knowledge I can have.

Remember that at our Cane Corso kennels in Wolverhampton, England we will provide you with all the advice and information you need to take home one of the best examples of this breed you can find.