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The Cane Corso, or also called Italian Mastiff, is an aesthetically extraordinary dog that also has an incredible personality. If you add to this the fact that the puppy you take home is from our kennel, we can assure you that you will probably have one of the best Cane Corso dogs in the world.

How is the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a dog of Italian origin descended from the Canix Pugnax, a breed that existed in ancient Rome and was characterized by its strength and endurance. Because of these characteristics he was used in wars as a fighting dog. In addition, in the 16th century the Italians used it to hunt wild boar and as a guard dog in the corrals and on the farms.

After reviewing a little about the history and origins of Cane Corso, I will tell you a little about the physical characteristics of this breed today. It is an impressive dog, physically it is robust and elegant, it is very imposing and powerful. The Cane Corso is characterised by its strength and by its endurance and agility. In other words, he is a champion.

Furthermore, it is characterised by its short hair and therefore its maintenance is very simple, it is only necessary to brush it regularly. Likewise, the shiny coat is very firm and thick and can generally be black, grey or fawn.

The Italian Mastiff has a wide head, the nose is black and the muzzle is square and very strong. They have dark eyes and a high tail with a thick base and a thin tip.

Physically the Cane Corso is very powerful and thanks to this and to his balanced temperament, he can be used as a guard dog, police dog or tracker. He can also be a house dog or the guardian of your home.

What is most surprising about this breed is that on seeing it physically you cannot imagine that it has such a special temperament, that it is so measured and intelligent. Living with a Cane Corso is very simple, his character is very balanced, he is very docile and loving. With children he behaves very well, he loves the company of his family, he is not a dog that likes to be alone.

He is an innate defender of his home, is very faithful to his master and always seeks to protect his family. He is not a violent dog, when he keeps watch he alerts his master or his family to a visit from a stranger but he does not attack.

He is also an energetic dog and needs at least three long walks a day to keep him balanced both physically and mentally. In addition, he is super intelligent, he learns very quickly the instructions you give him, they are always willing to learn new things, this amuses them a lot. If you like sport, running, going to the mountains, riding a bike… Cane Corso will be the ideal companion for all your adventures.

It is important for you to know that in the first year of life Cane Corso grows very fast, it is necessary to provide it with a proper diet so that it grows healthy and strong.

Cane Corso dogs are generally very quiet, do not bark much and are not very sociable with strangers, they need their time to be confident with others. It is advisable to encourage interaction with other people and with other dogs from the time they are puppies, to avoid them being shy and distrustful of others in the future, so that they get used to socialising.

Cane Corso loves to be caressed and can live in harmony with dogs of other breeds or with other animals. It adapts easily to the company of another animal and can live together perfectly and without problems.

After reading this text, do you now understand why I am the number one fan of Cane Corso?
It is a breed that has me absolutely in love, if you really want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Reading, England I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I am sure that the Cane Corso is the best breed of dog in the world and I know this because I live with them and I know closely the quality of dog that it is. I hope this information has been useful and remember that we are one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Reading, England.