Cane Corso is beautiful at all stages of its life but when they are puppies it is to die for love, they are beings that from a young age we can see their strength and at the same time their sweetness and balance.

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The years of experience with the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff have helped me to become an expert on the breed, I know first hand the care and needs of a Cane Corso in all its stages, including the age of the puppies,

Feeding is a fundamental aspect for the development and health of the puppies, the Cane Corso is a dog of great size and that is why its feeding routine is special from the first minute of life.

In today’s article we will go into detail about the feeding care required by a Cane Corso puppy in its first days of life. I find it very interesting to share information of this type with you to learn about the commitment we have in our kennel to this extraordinary breed.

Feeding a Cane Corso during the first 25 days of life

The feeding process of the puppies is very important and more so if it is a Cane Corso that is not exactly a small dog of 2 kilos, in its first year the Italian Mastiff will reach a weight of 50 to 60 kilos approximately.

The first feeding of the puppies is the mother’s milk that must be provided during the first 25 days of life, therefore the mother is key in the process of feeding her children, she provides them with the strength and extra feeding so that the puppies grow up healthy.

On the other hand, there are different opinions about artificial milk, from my point of view I can tell you that I avoid giving it to the puppies in my kennel, but if there is a large litter of 8,9, 10 or 12 puppies it is valid to help the mother to feed them with artificial milk because in the middle of so many puppies competing to feed their mother some of them may not manage to get enough food.

Sometimes we see some puppies stronger than others that do not let their brothers and sisters feed themselves, in this case it is important to reinforce them with artificial milk so that they are all compensated in terms of feeding.

Furthermore, I would like to give you another important tip and more if you are a new breeder and have recently received your first litters, I recommend you to have the daily weight of the puppies recorded on a piece of paper because they grow every day. In my experience, just by touching or looking at them I can already identify if the puppies are OK or not, but if you are new to this it is better to also keep a written record.

A litter requires a lot of dedication and can even be a little stressful. When everything goes well, everything is made easier but when there are complications you have to be more careful.

For example, if the mother has a complication after birth and can’t feed her puppies, my team and I will take care of all their feeding, prepare bottles and make sure they are fed every hour or two for at least the first few days.

With some litters I have had to stay up quite late, feeding them at night and in the early hours of the morning, always with the help of my team of course, but it’s still hard work for all of us, but very satisfying at the same time. Our priority is that the Cane Corso puppies grow strong and healthy and we are here to help them in that process.

Besides feeding, the mother also stimulates the puppies to do their basic needs, in case she is not in the condition to do so after birth we also take care of helping her in that.

As you can see the process of feeding and developing a Cane Corso requires certain care and specifications, we have all the experience to inform you of this and that is why we are one of the most renowned breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Sunderland, England.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me your comments here. I love reading you and knowing your opinions. See you soon