Today we are going to tell the true story of the Cane Corso, all this information that I am providing today is because I have traveled and been with some of the people that brought the breed back and after talking to them, spending time with them I can tell you first hand what happened over the course of time and in the 90’s.

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Well, to continue with today’s topic I can tell what was the story that all those influential people in the Italian Mastiff breed have told me and give my opinion. For me this is important especially because on YouTube people are dedicated to transcribe wikipedia about the Cane Corso and the only thing they do is copy, there is no one who tells first hand all this information.

The true story about the Cane Corso’s evolution

I have interviewed people who have lived through the 70’s, a time when the Cane Corso has been recovered and I have had the honor and pleasure to spend some time with them, chatting, having a coffee.
chatting, having a coffee.

In those times there were very important people who were dedicated to work for the breed, generally they were Italians. There are very important people like Ana Batalia or her husband or the Malavasii brothers who are people who were very involved in the recovery of the Cane Corso.

It is an honor to be able to have a coffee and talk about the Cane Corso with these people in Italy, with very important people in Spain. Nowadays there is a lot of envy in the world of the Cane Corso but for me it is fundamental to talk about the people who in their time did a great job because although I am also working in the breed I consider that you have to have the maximum respect for the people who do or did the same things and who work in the same thing as you and who do it well.

The Malavassi brothers and Ana Batalia made several world champions and there were other people who worked a lot with the breed and who worried about recovering specimens. They helped a lot by giving a place where they were breeding German Shepherds, so that a serious work could be done and there would be enough specimens to be able to make the recovery of the Cane Corso breed that we find today.

In the nineties and early 2000, Mariano is another person who has been with the breed and I have had the honor and pleasure to know, by this time the Cane Corso was very strong in Italy there were many people emerging to countries like Russia, the Russians began to import the breed that began to like in Spain.

The Italians were working a lot, there was a very rare mix of breeds, there were not many specimens, they tried to fix the head of the new breed, they were obsessed with the head and left a lot of the structures and the health of the dogs at this time.

I believe that the Italians started to sell the dogs that the Russians did not like.
then the Russians started to work hard in the 2000’s with dogs that were not correct and there even came a time, a boom when the Russians had a horrible business. To this day they still have Cane Corsos aesthetically not very nice but they have worked very well on health and fitness.

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Besides, you know that I love this breed so for me more than a job is a pleasure to be part of the history of the Cane Corso and that my dog X-Man is already registered as a legend in the breed.

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, remember that your opinion is very valuable to me. See you soon, see you next time.