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The history of the Cane Corso says that The great Roman war dog, is the ancestor of the Italian Cane Corso therefore we can say that the Italian Cane Corso runs through his veins the blood of the great Roman dog, and how was the great Roman dog?

The dog of ancient Rome was a dog very appreciated by all the Romans, it was a defaulting fierce, agile and with a great fur that protected him from the bites of his adversaries.





The dog of ancient Rome fought with the legionaries in many of the ancient battles where the Roman legions were thoroughly used. Custom armor has been found, which protected the entire body of the Roman dog, as it was usual to see the Cane Corso in first line of battle, using fully with arrows and swords.


Cane Corso puppy for sale in Georgia and buy Italian mastiff puppies in Atlanta

Cane Corso puppy for sale in Georgia and buy Italian mastiff puppies in Atlanta


A dog that also delighted the general public with its fights in the coliseum, against animals such as bears or lions.

Also unemployed by the Romans in the big game, and when they were in long campaigns of wars, the great Roman dog made of magnificent hunter to bring food to the troops.

In the 70s the Cane Corso after having gone through two world wars was on the verge of extinction, although thanks to a wonderful number of fans and lovers of the breed, they wanted a magnificent and serious job of recovery of the Cane Corso breed today we can enjoy this wonderful breed.

The character of the Cane Corso is a guard character, but at the same time with a spectacular mental and emotional balance, this makes it a wonderful dog to live with as a family.

The most important characteristic of the Cane Corso is intelligence,

Cane Corso Italiano, makes good use of his intelligence and uses it in his daily life, to stand guard, and for family life.

The Corso is a guard dog and is usually distrustful of strangers although it is a very balanced dog and it really is an impressive dog to stand guard, it is not a Leon at all since the Cane Corso is hard to bite.




The Cane Corso’s health is very good and he is a very strong dog. He lives on average about 12 years and does not have problems derived from his breed, but they are always problems of large dogs such as a disease such as dysplasia.

It is a breed that due to its position in 2020 is to be with the family I need a good socialization and a great job on the part of the seller, not doing the socialization job well can bring fear problems and an unstable character, therefore very important this point. You can buy Italian Mastiff puppies in Georgia, Atlanta, on our wonderful website.

What are you waiting for to have one of our wonderful Cane Corso puppies from our world champion that we can send to your city and with your wonderful family in Georgia, Atlanta.



Cane Corso puppy for sale in Georgia and buy Italian mastiff puppies in Atlanta

Cane Corso puppy for sale in Georgia and buy Italian mastiff puppies in Atlanta